Who is me :D :D :D

Hello edgeryders, I hope you are doing well, my name is ghassan faisal saleh, am Palestinian Moroccan, I’ve grew up and lived my whole life in Egypt till last week :D, I started my career working in a charity organization, exploring areas which needs help, doing site visits and so on, then while I was in university I worked in the sales field for three month, and fainaly I graduated from the school of business “accounting department” in jan 2016, i had some problems finding work due to the nationality thing :D, then I decided I’ll make my own project and I did, I made a مناقيش restaurant which was the first private business for me, I created it my myself cuz I wanted my restaurant to look special, and it worked, I prepared it within a month and the opening day was great, everybody liked the food and no one had problems in his stomach :smiley: :smiley: :D, I added some flavors to my food which attracted people to try these new stuff, and as we know nothing good last forever, I had to close the restaurant and sell the bike due to some problems with the district due to my nationality again :D, for me it was 8 successful amazing days, then I started a French course cuz I decided to travel and stay in morocco, after 3 month I started working as a project officer in the field of facility management, and like usual I left my job :smiley: :D, and I decided to travel to morocco once my residency ends, and I did, here I am in morocco enjoying my stay with amazing people, sharing our cultures, our experiences, our ambitious, mmm so far I find this project pretty cool, I’ve never been in a program like that before, am having a nice friends, cool times, I’d like to say that the open village was my gate to entre morocco and get involve with the society, which is the best way to know the Moroccan society, mmmm after the program finishes I think I’ll move to rebat or Casablanca, find a job and settle there and I may reopen my project again :smiley: :smiley: :D, but this year am seriusly thinking of having a stage in london, i found a foundation which provides schoolerships for people who suffered in the war like palestine, syriaa, lebnan, its a MBA acctually, and i think i’ll choose the domain of project manageent or risk management for example, and i think you all have the right to know the dream of my life, which is having a life and live in my country (palestine) cuz i never lived there :frowning: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Ghassan, we are blessed to be with you in the house while you are inviting us daily to your country by the amazing food you cook.
I am personally glad that I have met you at such point in your life :slight_smile:


@Ghassan_faisal its a pleasure having you here in the openvillage, not only because of the good food :smiley: hope you find your way in Morocco for the coming year.


Hi @Ghassan_faisal, nice to meet you on this platform.
The story of your background and growing projects is a nice read, and I look forward to know more about how all that will evolve!
there is somebody in Rabat that could may be a good and useful contact: @SyMorin

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Hi @Ghassan_faisal, I hope to meet you soon

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