Who is participating in the Session: From failing businesses to community food projects

An update from the registration process:

We expect participants from Belgium (Brussels, Ghent), UK (London, other), Bulgaria (Sofia) - living also in Brussels, Egypt, Berlin.

What is your experience, your project or general question you would like to bring to the event:

Interested in sustainable food and in redefining our understanding of food - socially, environmentally, nutritionally and culturally. Have run the Norwegian chapter of a food innovation challenge for 2 years and am connected globally to others contributing to sustainable food.

I manage a non-profit in Sofia which provides catering with migrant-prepared food. I am a member of two food coops in Sofia and Brussels and I am generally interested in the ethical and sustainable food.

Food cooperatives

I am supporting a team on writing (project management/alignment) an NGI Atlantic proposal to tackle supply chain challenges in the food sector

The right balance between local production and sales versus larger food chains. Single focus perspective seems to me suboptimal.

As a Slow Food leader, I am interested in supporting local food networks continue to grow.

I’ll have questions on sourcing fruits and vegetables, packaging and marketing

Regenerative Agriculture, Carbon farming, financing & scaling regenerative agriculture, & Farm-Food-Climate Challenge (farm-food-climate.de)