Who is up for a picnic next Saturday (20.8)?

Hello @reeflings, what do you think about a little informal gathering before our plenery meetings start again? I was thinking about a picnic in bois de la cambre because there is a street arts festival happening that same weekend (Festival Théâtres Nomades). Who is up for some food + drinks + circus :slight_smile: ?


Sounds great! I’ll have just got back from NZ, so assuming I’m not too jet lagged to remember what my name is and where to find bois de la cambre, I’ll be involved :slight_smile:

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Would love that! How about you, @lee?

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Happy to join! When and where are we meeting?

Hello Sophie, hello everyone!
Thomas and I won’t be available this Saturday. Thanks for suggesting. Enjoy!

thats a great plan! thanks for inviting, unfortunately looks like we are going to leave town that day to visit some friends , hope next time, enjoy the nomads

Hello Sophie,
Nice idea! I’ll be ther this evening but I’ve other engagements on this Saturday afternoon…
Enjoy it all

What do you think about meeting at the Woodpecker at 4pm? Is everyone on Signal in case we can’t find each other?


Sounds like a plan!

Many people are still not on the Signal group. If you want to be added you need to send your cell phone number to Manuel (or anybody else who is in the group, but hard to figure if you’re not in of course). Cell phone numbers can be found in the members registry on Nextcloud.

All good to meet at 4pm :slight_smile:

Are we going to settle the Woodpecker, or should we bring food and drinks to picnic elsewhere?

On the map it looks as if the festival is going to take place right around the woodpecker so it might be really busy. I thought we could sit by the lake and picnic there - but I’m sure we can grab food and drinks from the one of the stalls, too.
I’m going to bring some muffins :slight_smile:

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