Who's up for leading the community calls in November-February?

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Hi all,

Just a heads up - our weekly Wednesday calls at 18:00 are now out of hosts, we need help from those of you leading edgeryders projects to step in. Ideally you would use a well established community routine to convene people you want to meet, in a live/ VOIP conversation. As a community mobilizer it saves time in having one on one calls by simply inviting people you want to introduce to edgeryders at a wednesday call.

From these past months I’m happy to report the weekly calls have been the heartbeat of collectively organising the OpenVillage festival, and a plus. It helped onboarding new people and offering more members the opportunity to get involved in daily work and be seen as new talent around.

“We kept to a weekly schedule with the calls. It made sure nobody wandered off too much and kept a rhythm in the work for everyone to latch on to.” (regular participant)

I can run over our usual process with whoever is interested.
Soo, anyone jumping the ship? Ping @zmorda @hazem @Yosser @johncoate. Also @asimong if you want to start the restorative health practices - this is a way to test waters. Also @alex_levene if you want to seed your storytelling line of work in edgeryders?

I recommend having 1 person responsible, even if more hosts are signed up to lead, facilitate themed community calls. That makes it clearer to manage with @owen who is announcing them on social media.


Thanks for the ping, @noemi. I’m taking a two week break from this weekend, but happy to reconsider this when I get back, for December or later. I’d be happy to host a discussion on care within the wider Edgeryder community, specifically including how it might be practical to implement restorative care in our electronic discussion forums. Perhaps referring to the practices in Enspiral.

I’d like meanwhile to check with @markomanka, @patrick_andrews and @anique.yael (and perhaps also @gehan if not too busy?) to clarify just where the overlap of interest lies. I think the checking will be more plausible when I’m back, so again I’d like to offer something later rather than sooner. I always find it much better to do this kind of thing in collaboration rather than alone. I mean, I’m easy on who is named as officially responsible: what matters to me is having someone else actually collaborating to define a topic that is sufficiently clear and of interest.

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Hey @noemi, i could certainly look at leading some Community calls early in 2018. I’m still trying to pull together my ideas, and perhaps i should continue the conversation i was having with @natalia_skoczylas during OpenVillage.
There’s probably a need to talk to @owen as well as i see a clear overlap with the social media presence.

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Sounds good. As I was saying in Brussels - if you care about this topic its mostly a matter of finding a low cost context to experiment, see if it takes off.
I dont think anyone will be “appointed” responsible - but whoever wants to can step up. In addition to running your own themed calls, this adds an hour a week for that person to make sure the calls happen regularly, liaise with the week facilitator, show up at that time weekly, make sure someone is taking notes etc. If no one steps up as responsible, that means only the calls announced ahead (i.e. on a topic) will happen, which is also okay but not ideal. More work to bring people at one call and spread the word than distirbuting this effort on a weekly basis because we know each wednesday there’s a call, thats all.

hey guys @alex_levene @noemi and the ones interested in the coming community calls, I was thinking about having calls with the project leaders in the Moroccan Residency,so they got to explain more about their projects and what’s needed and interested people can ask questions as well to know how they can collaborate.

I don’t want to hijack the community calls so I am asking you if you think this could be integrated in the coming 3 weeks as a “theme” , or should we have these as separate calls ?

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Hazem: this post was specifically for this - to say there is a hiatus coming up unless someone wants to take over. So go ahead- host them around the projects, I’d be happy to help spread the word and support you in any way.

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I would be up for attending and taking notes, as well as publicising online.

I think it’s a good idea to keep the weekly calls going, perhaps in a new context and with a different structure than before.

I could also attend a few of these as ‘question asking person’ if that was helpful.

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