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The Edgeryders mission is to boost our collective ability to live and work well through times of uncertainty. We believe it is now time to prepare for the serious shocks that will soon be upon us as the consequences of dysfunctional economic systems, ecosystems collapse and climate change start to hit hard. Edgeryders uses dense networks and collective intelligence to propose and deploy pragmatic solutions for groups and organisations so they are better equipped to survive the storms.

To do this work we have equipped ourselves with new science, our in house tech development lab and most important of all - community.

Example Projects:

  • Intelligent Events Kit. Using documentation and ethnographic techniques to increase the impact of events. Clients: Forum Europe, Rockefeller Foundation. Budget: 10K Eur. Next step: Commercialise stand-alone white label solution.

  • Distributed Coworking Stack. Training and tools for effective and pleasurable remote/tele/smart working. Client: EIT-Climate Kic. Budget: 15K Eur. Next Step: Role out a Massive Open Online course.

  • European Capitals of Culture. Advising candidate cities to the title of European Capitals of Culture, and deploying projects to strengthen their bids. Clients so far: Matera, Italy (winner 2019); Galway, Ireland (winner 2020); and Bucharest, Romania (shortlisted 2021). Budget: 80K Eur

  • Technology for co-creation. Building experimental software and methodology for decentralized organizations and co-created culture, starting with Edgeryders Nordics team. Client: Swedish arts council fund - Kulturbryggan. Budget: 100K Eur

  • Capacity building for climate action . We mobilize alternative actors and engineer public/private partnerships to discover solid, transmissible, system-level understandings of the sort of transformation we, as a civilization, are trying to achieve. Our goal is to achieve instances of radical decarbonization i.e. green urban living. Client: Climate KIC. Budget: 250K Eur

  • Science Fiction Economics Lab. A meeting of minds where we can learn from each other what future economies might look, like inspired by science fiction. Client: UNDP and EIT-Climate Kic. Budget: 120K Eur. Next Steps: Prototype new incubator for regional economic development.

  • OpenCare. European scale research on smart communities as solution finders and providers of alternative health and social care: understanding them, scaling them and implications for policy. Funder: European Commission. Budget: 250K Eur. Next Step: We are building a summit on Post Covid Healthcare Resilience.

  • MENA Youth Platform. A platform for collaborative livelihood and business development by young people from the Middle East / North African region. Client: World Bank. Budget: 417K USD. Next Steps: Expand to Europe and Subsaharan Africa.

  • unMonastery. A non venture capital model for investing in a new wave of technologists drawing inspiration from early Western monasticism, in service of local communities. Clients: Council of Europe, City of Matera. Budget: 430K Eur.

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