with people coming in and going out, are we sure we want everyone to have access to all our login credentials?

With people coming in and going out, are we sure we want everyone to have access to all our login credentials?

I am not sure which credentials are we talking about

These: https://c301.nl.tabdigital.eu/f/6648

Personnaly I’m not super comfortable to give full access to nextcloud to some documents to everybody, eg the ASBL membership registry which contains personnal info, and the personnal skills sheet… I also feel that the presentation sheets are a bit personnal, but I would understand if they need to have access to that… in which case I will make mine less personal :sweat_smile:
And email logins also better not for now I would say… No opinion about the rest…

Would it be possible to have a limited nextcloud access, with some documents only available for the current group? And maybe also with only viewing rights and not modification rights for now??

It is already as you say, Sarah. This is what NextCloud is good at: fine-grained control on who sees what. Most files and folders in NextCloud are accessible only to (1) users of our NextCloud instance, that are (2) members of the group called “Reeflings”.

The exceptions are some files that we do want to be available to all, for example the statutes of the ASBL. These are identifiable on NextCloud by the “shared” icon:


If you click on the “share” (the “<” sign) or “shared” icon, you get something like this:


As you see, there is no public link to this file. You could create one by clicking on the “+” icon. An internal link to the file obviously exists, but having the internal link does not give you access to the file, unless you are logged into Nextcloud, and are part of the Reeflings group.

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Would like to pick this up :slight_smile:
@alberto: any useful info you wanna share about this will be useful to me…
Might also be useful for the coordination group?
Do we already have a tag for that group btw?

Of course, just not sure what you would like to know.

I don’t see it. In general I like to keep it simple:

  • All Reeflings have access to everything.
  • Some material is public-facing, and everybody (including non-Reeflings) have access to it.

That’s it. Large orgs like to have spaces where only Team 1 has access, but none of the others, etc. But I do not see a rationale for that in The Reef.

Tag: starts with #, indicates a topic for discussion, is applied to threads. Example: #reef-finance contains the forum threads related to finance.

Group: starts with @, indicates a group of users, is applied to individual users. Example: @reef-finance is the group of the Reeflings in Team Finance (now welcoming @RichardB!).

If you want, you can add any tag to any forum thread, like #reef-coordination.

I created a @reef-coordination group and made you the owner. You can now go to its homepage and add people as needed,

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Hmm… right.

Would need more info on that

Very clear and helpful!!

should we create a basic policy paper on file access rights on the Reef Documentation process. I feel that @Sarah is not too cool with this policy of sharing every file with all members of the group reeflings in nextcloud

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My feeling is that there is some confusion about what this is all about. So I would rather clarify that face-to-face first, because I’m relatively confident that there is no problem:

  • Transparency is a core value in sociocracy and in The Reef. Therefore all Reeflings have access to all documents on Nextcloud.
  • Everybody has access to the login credentials of our Protonmail inbox etc (which is what this question to Team IT was about). In this thread it has now been clarified that there is back-up in case things go wrong, so that issue is solved.
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Yes indeed. And privacy as well :slight_smile:

I think for now it is relatively clear, but we might wanna keep an eye on that, and maybe clarify it at some point as Manuel was suggesting, and be clear on what info we share and who is seeing what.

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