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  summary: Witnesspedia
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Participate in the building of Witness - an open-source fictional world. {style=“color: #fff; text-shadow: 2px 2px #000; font-weight: bold; padding-bottom: 40px” class=“leading-tight text-4xl”}

Witness is a giant floating city on planet Earth. It does not exist in reality, but it could. In imagining its features, we refer to scientific knowledge. This goes especially for its economies and societies, that do not assume methodological individualism and homo oeconomicus as representative agent unless that assumption can be justified.

For some of us, Witness is an exciting setting for stories we want to tell. We imagine creating science fiction literature, film, illustrations, games and more, that take place here. Witness is open source, so anyone can do this without legal consequences. For others, it is an “architect’s rendering” to picture how different economic systems would work to support human communities.

Witness is large and diverse enough to be divided into territorial units called Distrikts, each one with its own unique mix of culture, ideology, science, religion, institution and economy. There is plenty of space for mental experiments not on one alternative model, but on several. Whether you are into designer cryptocurrencies, Modern Monetary Theory, commons-based peer production, there is a Distrikt that needs your expertise.

How to contribute: building Witness

Building Witness means contributing to its wiki: we call it Witnesspedia. A core team has contributed an initial kernel of entries: from here on, anyone is free to join. There are several ways you can contribute to this work.

  1. Introduce yourself. This is to let others know about your interests and skills: they might need your help! Go here.

  2. Edit Witnesspedia entries. A good place to start is the History of Witness.

  3. Comment Witnesspedia entries. The debate on Witness promises to be as interesting as Witness itself.

  4. Propose new entries. Propose new Distrikts, and entries on things like institutions, infrastructures, currencies, policies…

  5. Non-text contributions. Illustrations, videos, music, data visualizations, fictional economics papers, whatever.

We plan to use the work on Witness for research on the economic systems people aspire to. More information is here.

How to contribute: using Witness

If you are an author, film maker, game designer and so on, Witness is yours to use. You need no authorization, and you can change it as much or as little as you want. If Witness inspires you, we would appreciate you acknowledging the contribution of its builders. We would also love to know about what you do with it.