Women's rights on paper only, the situation in Serbia

All of my studying and experiences encouraged me to learn more about the world we live in, particularly its population, demographic trends, societies, economies, cultures and the environment .With a growing interest in issues such as migration, climate change, environmental degradation and social cohesion, the present is a perfect time to be involved in a subject that literally touches everybody. We also must know and understand the characteristics of the population and problems. Gender Equality is an issue that increasingly attracting attention and I’m glad that it is so, because we have to face with problems in intention to solve. Especially in the Balkans because of the tradition, male dominance and patriarchy dogma, we can`t even speak about gender equality. Violence against women is a common phenomenon, discrimination in employment, obtaining dismissal due to pregnancy, sexual harassment at work, on the street, not to mention the Roma communities, where women have almost no rights, the situation is bad, and even alarming.

Women are treated as less valuable, challenging their basic human rights. The right to education, freedom of movement, the right to vote, the right to decide about their marriage, not to be forced, mutilated or rejected by family, society if they do not abide by traditional rules and norms, teen marriage, teen pregnancy, violence against a woman, more often situation.

The violence being perpetrated against girls and women it takes on epidemic proportions.

And instead of every day a woman to be given more heed, honored, a pillar of society and the family, it is at the margin, not only neglected but also abused, physically and mentally exhausted, without the right to fight for themselves ,their  life, their well-being.

Women who are the most oppressed are precisely those without education, personal income . How many women and girls were sexually exploited, raped …

What are the primary tasks?

To be primarily pledge any form of violence and abuse, to provide education, training. Selection of partners is free will, the right to contraception, the right to health care, the right to equal pay, the right to be employed, not to be discriminated just because it’s a woman, it does not get fired when she went on maternity leave, to receive compensation while pregnant, the right to social protection, in health insurance and care.

The right to engage in politics of his country, to participate in the economy, not only as a worker, but also as an entrepreneur, manager, trustee

To be more women in science, the arts, that were not created just to take care of home, children, family, that are free to read, write, engage in teachings, scientific research….

Many seem that women seek the impossible, seek the same thing does not belong to them. Women do not seek a special status, not seeking privileges.

Women  demand the respect that every human being deserves, looking for the opportunity to be the best version of yourself, achieve talents, looking for an opportunity to live freely, go towards achieving its objectives without fear that they will be attacked, abuse, put down, ridiculed… crippled

Many studies have shown the importance of women in large companies and how important it is to have greater participation of women in the labor, The whole society has benefits and profit from that, also economic empowerment of women can give them the strength and the power to fight for their rights. What is I have to emphasis totally crazy, to fight for something that is obvious and should be guaranteed. But since we live in such a country and such a world, which I will say freely that’s gone completely crazy.

The first thing we have to teach girls, because some things are taught from childhood, that the slap is not love, that no one have right to beat you, there is no reason to be afraid. You have to forget that terrible sentence, you’re a girl, you you have to let go, you have to listen,  you must be good, obedient

Well,  you do not have to do anything

Be good and obedient and you’ll be good and obedient patients

If you’re a girl, you do not have to do anything that you do not like, house, kids, kitchen, It is not your job by default,  you can be scientist, pilot, astroanut, everything you want

Of course, a question of love, partners, children, number of children, or abortion, should be your choice, initiation of sex and number of partners is also your thing,  to love, to be loved, free, jealousy is not proof of love, respect and friendship are very important, you have a right to do what you want when you want and not worry about social norms, because only happy persone have good thoughts and  works good, Society where women are sitting home and deal with the housework is dead. We need all the strengths and capable and smart and successful women, because obviously while men are leding, we can not talk about peace and prosperity, we should agree to disagree, to respect and appreciate each to give positive example because children learn from their parents, scattered on the model, so change must start from family, parents, environment, kindergartens, schools … this is serious story , a wide and large, but the success is guaranteed if we work together, jointly, it is not enough to have a law that sanctioned violence, because in every segment of society and at every step of women suffer some form of discrimination, some form of abuse, violence, really suffer if they are young and pretty, and if they are ugly and old, have always been the subject of ridicule, gossip, and never good enough and ther is  always something wrong , they have to be perfect to be loved because they are  upbringing in that manner, it is a huge burden, that burden must be rejected, it’s okay to be imperfect it’s okay to have a bad day, to smilie and  to be good…

It is a great theme, and very serious and  requires indispensable large and big steps to make the change, so we won’t any more read about dark statistics or to be a part of it,

I forgot about inadequate or not existing  health status of women and treating them, how horrible gynecologist acting, a large number of cancers that are not detected at time, shame,  when they give birth listen insults and so on…

I want you to understant situation in my country, importance of the problem and that action is needed, that will not be easy, but it is something that must do because it is not a choice any more it is our obligation.

Are you working on a project at the moment?

Hey @Branislava welcome to edgeryders. I read all your three recent posts and it comes across very clearly that you are interested in historical and cultural injustice and human rights - whether women, LGBTQ and the like. If you know @Natalia_Skoczylas you probably have read about illegal abortions performed out of the institution’s sight in Poland… Is the situation similar in Serbia?

From your style of writing, it seems to me you’re an activist, or…? I wouldnt be surprised, nowadays and in post election Serbia most progressive young people are in the streets right? But do you have a project which others in edgeryders can support you with advice or their own experience?


Unfortunately I currently do not work, actively looking for a job, I wish I had a project, I have lots of ideas, but I have a problem to realize them, even when I worked whenever I had the initiative, I was told do as the boss says , (proverb: ties horse as the boss says even if you and the horse die).

@Noemi , yes, you’re right, these are the areas that interest me, I think that we have to actively take part in solving this problems, especially young people should engage.

Abortions are legal, but there is still a condemnation of women who decide to have an abortion, by doctors, partner, society, which is totally stupid woman’s right is to do with her body what she consider is the best.

Very little is done on education, large number of abortions, legal and illegal, women should be informed that this is not a form of contraception, and that repeated abortions are harmful to health, the number of adolescent pregnancies is rising. Awareness and availability of contraceptives, pills for the day after and abortion with medication, are crucial.

You  are well informed, yes young people were in the streets, dissatisfied with the elections but they got tired and gave up, it is easier to simply go somewhere abroad, looking for a job, although it is not easy,( language,habits, traditions, family, friends, problem with visas, work permits… ) than to stay and fight, brain drain is huge issue.

What about working with a group already doing awareness raising?

@Branislava I assume that there are at least a few organisations working to disperse some of the myths and less informed behavior in the population.

Sometimes a good way to begin if you want to do social work could be to set yourself up as a collaborator of an existing NGO or activist group whose work you admire. You could start as a volunteer or even get a part time job? Or try an EVS internship which at least covers living costs? It’s not easy to get started, but from my own and friends experience it take a little personal investment - of time, money, learning etc. whatever you have available…

@Natalia_Skoczylas maybe you have friends in the region or advice for her?

PS Branislava, your ticket to the #OpenVillage festival is coming up via email, hope you can make it!!

@Branislava and @Noemi, unfortunately, i haven’t been south from Slovenia - I know a bunch of progressives from the Balkans, but sadly none of them is strictly dealing with LGBTQ rights. If I come across something interesting, I will let you know - If you want to work with really good organizations, I would suggest checking Rutgers. In Poland, we have a wonderful group called Ponton. My sex educator friend always said the best places for sex ed are Netherlands and UK (I guess France and Germany are also pretty wonderful), so I would do more digging there.