Work in Progress: Video Tutorial of Vilfredo

We are trying to make a tutorial for Vilfredo. We have already a short tutorial in Italian, taken from a lesson that I gave in Trento. There are also several video that present Vilfredo in English.

But we now would like to make a more professional, short and focused, tutorial. Something that in few minutes explains the what, how and why of Vilfredo. We are right now gathering ideas on a google doc. And you can access those plans here. The tutorial would be composed of several short video. Each from 2 to 12 minutes long. And each explaining a single concept. This format is becoming more and more widely used, and permit to the students to study one concept at a time, in separate pills, stopping when they have the need. And to the teacher to easily substitute a video if it has become redundent or obsolete. We welcome any help, comments, edits, or anyone who volunteers in being the reading voice.

What follows is a presentation at ePart of Vilfredo. It is a few years old. And very general. It does not enter into the details at all.

Audio alert

Pietro, I think I recognize the Italian tutorial on the Pareto front from our joint lecture in Matera. While it is very clear, I feel there is a major problem: audio quality. When doing video, it is important to speak close to the microphone, especially in an echoing environment – or you end up hearing the reflected sound as loud as the natural voice or louder. The result is this “spooky” sound that you hear, and adds to listening fatigue – a major draw, especially for longer videos (over 2 mins).

I recommend you get a headphone mic, spend a few minutes calibrating it for best audio quality and re-record. Sorry… :slight_smile: