Work progress status

Hi everyone;

I am writing to update you on the construction work progress.

The construction company has finished to realize the electrical system. They realized the internet facility on the first floor. They have some problems on the ground floor, because it is difficult to create Internet facility in the caves.

The company has clean from weeds external stairs and the first floor balcony.

The bathrooms on the first floor are complete.

We did move a step to the eventual realization of the kitchen on the first floor. At this time we have attacks of the kitchen in both plans.

The carpenters are repairing the broken fixtures.

Finally today have started to paint the rooms of the first floor.

P.S. sorry guys but I had some troubles updating the previuos post so I had to make a new one :-))

Thank you

Thanks for the update [antonioelettrico] - Looking forward to seeing you and the building this Saturday :slight_smile: