Working on Edgeryders website during LOTE hackathon

Is anybody planning to spend time at the LOTE hackathon working on the edgeryders website?

It seems a pretty obvious track to have – we already have well-defined tasks, many interested people, and all the expertise we need. I’m reluctant to propose it as a track myself, though, since:

  • I probably won't be at the hackathon for the whole week
  • I haven't previously been involved in the dev team. We'd need one of the more experienced members around as a mentor, even if they spend most of their time involved in another track

Can do

@danohu, you are right. @Matthias and I have been thinking about that. We will definitely commit to it!

FYI, we have decided the hackathon will “only” last two days, 21st and 22nd, with the main LOTE4 event starting on the 23rd. We felt an entire week was not sustainable. Will you be there?

Great on both counts, Alberto. A full week would have been too much of a commitment for me, at least, and two days sounds much better. I plan to be there.

Ok, so…

… how about you lead the session? I can guarantee @Matthias and/or I will be there most of the time, to offer guidance as to how to go around solving problem. I am a reasonably experienced user of the Edgeryders admin interface (Views, Rules etc.); Matt can go much deeper, into code and server configuration. He also holds the key to the dev server – we could be working on a sandbox.

OK, great, I can do that. So I’ll go ahead and start creating a track description. I’ll probably come back to you and/or @matthias at some time soon, to try and work out fuller plans.