Working on textile & tech at reHub

ReHub glove experimenting and developing processes are going hand in hand on two fronts:

  • Textile
  • Technology

ReHub Team is at work during OpenCare - MIR to analyze and redesign the glove, improving the weak aspects of the old prototype:

We are defining a new pattern for the glove: a surface of stretch material that covers the top of the hand and holds to it by soft elastic bands on the bottom. Tailoring a glove is not easy stuff, this new model is designed to be easily reproduced with digital fabrication and basic sewing knowledge. Most important: this kind of glove can be easily worn also by those who have difficulty wearing normal gloves (stretching fingers and so on).
To make it functional and completely customizable we are working on a digital/parametric version: we studied hands dimensions to deliver a measurements chart that could be filled to modify the glove (we are looking for hands, by the way). The output will be a .dxf file that can be laser-cutted at any makerspace.

Here the very first experiment:

Technologic development during OpenCare MIR was about searching for a micro controller worthy of the new glove, version 4.0, described above.
We selected curieNano micro controller of DFRobot, the evolution of Arduino Curie’s board developed on Intel’s SoC.
A technological aspect we discovered is that the number of ADC inputs of the selected microcontroller is lower than the number of analog sensors on the glove.
To solve this problem we are developing an I2C interface board from which a microcontroller can acquire two analog sensors and transfer captured data with the I2C to the main microcontroller. Using I2C technology we can add many sensors that communicate with the Intel Curie Through a defined hexadecimal address. This technique allows to have many sensors connected to the glove and only 4 wires between each I2C and the glove brain (curieNano).

Here a sample of the system we will use to connect the tiny microcontrollers.

Soon for further developments!
Mauro & Sara


@rehub – Mauro and Sara, this is supercool stuff! But I must have missed some earlier post: what is the electronics on the glove for?

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Hi Sara & Mauro , I am textile Engineer if you need help or some recommendations for the raw matériels I would be happy to help and contribute in any way I can.


Hi Alberto! We explained a lot about rehub glove here: reHub - rehabilitation glove . Briefly our glove has 6 flex sensors, 5 pressure sensor and a gyroscope/accelerometer to monitor and collect data about the hand’s movement. Thank you for your interest :smile: Mauro & Sara

Hi Zmorda, currently we are working with normal double jearsey and will sew all the components on the glove, but we are looking foreword to experiment with conductive/resistive textiles and threads. Right now we have a contact, thanks to WeMake makerspace, with INNtex (, but we would love to hear from you more. Let’s keep in touch! Sara & Mauro