reHub - rehabilitation glove

#reHub #glove is a tool used to monitor hands movements. Collected data can be applied to a various range of fields.

reHub is an interface of interaction man-machine. It can be used in various areas for example the evaluation of dexterity, sport, music & gaming.

Our beneficiaries are all those people who needs to have an experience feedback concerning the hand movements.

reHub glove is a tool designed for proprioceptive rehabilitation, to recover movement fluidity after an injury: provided by the physiotherapist, it allows the patient to record and report exercises data such as hand position, finger flexion and fingertips pressure. Recorded data are displayed through a software that reproduces a 3D hand, its movements and detected values. Through the software a physiotherapist is able to evaluate the therapeutic process and possibly change it. Thanks to reHub exercises can be done in physiotherapist presence or at a distance.

ReHub acquires informations about fingers movements from flex and pressure sensors. It uses a 6DOF sensor to define the position of the hand in space.

reHub glove is the result of a meeting between electronics enthusiasts, a physical therapist and a hand rehabilitation patient to find a way to solve the problem of monitoring the progress during rehabilitation therapy. During this meeting we found out there are no digital devices to monitor the hand rehabilitation and we decided to develop one.

To define our project we didn’t started from a theoretical concept. We started to make the prototype and to test it.

The development of reHub working prototype has been at the heart of our design process.

As described on, the definition of the prototype is subdivided into 4 time frames of research and development. The first steps of the team have moved in electronics and design.

After testing the very first glove we decided to create an integrated system with a self-produced/maker pcb. Our design has always been oriented, and always will be, to integrate all electronics on the top of the glove. Another aspect of our prototype is that the glove itself must be comfortable for the patient. At a later time, once we knew that the glove was able to transmit data to the computer, we focused on the development of a software allowing patients and physiotherapists to evaluate the glove’s collected data through a graphical interface and cartesian charts.

We are looking for our final user(s), who will try our product and help us develop different options:

  • Sport
  • Gaming
  • Educational
  • Medical  

We want to built a community and start a business strategy.

We will publish tutorials, kits and software to make your glove.

Everything to improve the glove solution.

We want to develop 4 different kits to sell:

  • with single sensors 
  • only the electronics
  • glove tailored
  • complete of all


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