[Working out loud] | How do you build meaningful partnerships around failure?

Hello everyone,

If the Fail/unFail edition is your first time participating in LOTE then you are probably finding it chaotic and a bit confusing. Don’t worry, you are not alone. For months there is wild creative chaos, and then somehow things fall into place just as we are opening the doors to the event venue :slight_smile:

So what's this all about?

@KiraVde @ireinga and myself have been discussing how we could go about building meaningful, generative partnerships around the event. And we have produced a first draft as a starting point for conversations with different organisations. I realised that opening this process could be helpful for newbies who want to get a quick overview of how the different pieces fit together, and where we are going with all this. Here’s the draft in progress: http://bit.ly/1SMOaVP.

The Background

We believe it makes sense to put some effort into building meaningful and generative partnerships with a number of organisations around the Fail|unFail concept. Because the more people we speak to, the more we see there is a real need for looking into this. LOTE5 could help spark much needed conversations about how we deal with failure effectively, but this requires us to pay attention to what happens after the event, as well as making an amazing four days together:

a) Generate high quality documentation and material that allows us to “take the learning home” and share it with others. Videos, blogs summarising main points from different sessions. Maybe even a short visual report like the one we produced for LOTE4: http://bit.ly/1QP8vsQ .

b) Encourage continued learning, building on relationships and developing new projects also once the physical event is finished. Both OpenCare and unMonastery were born out of conversations at LOTE events, but they would not have happened without a lot of follow-up work to develop ideas, write proposals, do outreach, get official commitment and resources, barnraise etc.

c) Cover costs of building LOTE event so that we are sufficiently compensating people who put in a lot of hard work for their time, and are able to invest in making them better and better every year. We strive to make the event accessible to everyone, but do need to cover expenses as we are a young not-for-profit and cannot carry all the costs alone

Have a look at the proposal and leave feedback?

Here’s the link again: http://bit.ly/1SMOaVP.


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