Working Out Loud on Spot the Future: Making it easier to collaborate effectively!

Hi everyone!

In order  to facilitate coordination and asynchronous collaboration between everyone involved we have set up 3 things. If you have any questions about the contents, please post them as comments…

1) A number of wikis: The idea is everyone concerned with that specific part of the project coordinates on that wiki. This keeps us out of the email-intensive workflow as agreed. If you have questions about the content, please post them as a comment on the page itself and we’ll answer there.

  1. Weekly Working Out Loud Blogpost: The purpose is for everyone to have a shared meta-level understanding of what is happeningand a place to coordinate each other’s efforts that week. This weeks Working Out Loud on Spot the Future post:

  2. Onboarding calls for new users of the Edgeryders collaboration platform: As [lurglomond] mentioned during the hangout the calls were very helpful to getting to know the platform and how to use it effectively. We agree on and coordinate the community calls here: /t/agora/286/community-call-onboarding-new-edgeryders#comment-9293


… [Inge Snip] and [Vahagn]

I thought the above might make it easier to collaborate and may answer some of the questions that have been popping up here and there. Re venues etc I have posted a wishlist in the wiki for the tour. Undp CO offices are responsible for providing equipment.

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