Working Out Loud on Spot the Future> Summary of what was agreed on during today's call!

Deadline Friday 2/6: Finalise preparations for next week’s Twitterstorm:

Create event press release | produce briefs for the three event tracks | prepare instructions for Twitterstorm participation on platform | add people to contact in the influencer list for Armenia, Egypt, Georgian and International twittersphere, bloggers, and Journalists | Create a storify in Arabic, Armenian, English and Georgian | prepare flyers, description text with links, status updates and email calling for twitterstorm participation | send out personal invitation email to individual community members | send out invitations to people on the Influencer list | prepare tweets |call and remind key participants the day before and 2 hours before

-Either pre-schedule all tweets or have at least two people operating the main account, it was quite a multitasking exercise, tweeting the prepared tweets in 2 languages and fielding questions from my own account simultaneously.

-Calling people a day or so before hand seemed to be effective for gaining real participation

-Find a better way of reaching journalists, sending tweets to individuals in the hour before hand hasn’t seemed to bare fruit, but perhaps time will tell.

-Create a dashboard, we didn’t do this but a page with the hashtag embedded and a chat room, so you only have to co-ordinate from a single location would be exceptionally useful.

-Co-ordinate around who is going to taking a question first, then allow others to follow up

I’ve yet to fully review everything but have downloaded the data and done an initial network graph of how the conference played out. There’s a few actionables to be picked up if anyone has the time:

-Pull down the twitter data and report on what you find

-Help write the article for the Guardian

-Share the press releases further afield, found on this new page: