Working Out Loud @opencare Maker In Residence

Hi everyone!

Here a quick update about the organization of the opencare Maker In Residence. After spreading related informations and references, we are now sending to the different potential applicants the document entitled: “Vademecum for opencare MIR”.

It is the summary statement contained all the important information about what is going to happen during the residence, explaining in detail what the maker is expected to do:

The index of content:

  • Co-create a unique and cutting-edge project plan
  • Tools and machines
  • Get feedback and test your project
  • Create project Documentation 
  • Keep a project Diary on Edgeryders
  • Meet and interact with the opencare Community

Vademecum link:

Stay tuned for further updates!

@Costantino | @alessandro_contini | @ChiaraFrr

That looks really good

Congrats, I like both the direction and the actual wording (“making”?) of the document. The only minor dissonance is the word “vademecum”, which I associate to bureaucracy, while your process is not bureaucratic at all! But maybe it is because I am Italian.

Alternatives to vademecum could be “manual”, or “user’s manual”, or “how-to”. But as I said: it is really a minor point.