Working out loud: Who's joined #OPENandChange swarm application.. and your spot available!

We are slowly weaving our learnings in #opencare as part of the #OPENandChange bid for the MacArthur Foundation’s call. Reminder: we are mounting (and very publicly!) an application to propose community led care services as the solution to the world’s broken care systems.

25 projects, organisations and informal networks have joined to be part of our swarm application so far. The call is still open and you are very welcome to join it. Learn more at

In addition to collaboratively building grant applications, we come together as a community to build broad support for members’ activities. You can contribute by: reading one of these inspiring stories, sharing them with your network, and leaving a thoughtful comment to help move the thinking forward! Some of the latest:

Autonomy and community in care:

Buoy Coordinated Crisis Response and Community-based Mutual Aid, without a State

Woodbine Health Autonomy Center After Occupy, Sandy and Katrina - Developing structures to empower community health, access to resources, and preventative medicine

Team Able: Deep conversations about accessibility and inclusion with Raul Krauthausen, Rosalie, and her parents

New Technology! Soundsight - enables blind and vision impaired to be independent from aid devices by boosting nonvisual senses

Reflections on systems, innovation and care:

Natalia: Greece as a hot-spot of transformative future (conversation with Pavlos Georgiadis, part 2)

Ezio’s Manzini - Can collaborative care services help us to overcome the care crisis?

Dougald Hine - The Regeneration of Meaning: Mitigating the negative consequences of unemployment on psychological and social health of the individual

New Space! - Setting up Huis Vdh as a community open home and making of weekend sessions!

Technologies, participation and care:

ReaGent - Reviving biology education through experimental learning and providing open and inclusive access to a community bioengineering lab.

Rune Thorsen - Streamlining innovation in assistive technology and offering alternatives to patients required to spend 5-10K € for tech that’s now cheap to make?

Éireann Leverett - Securing our medical data to avoid it flowing around the world to companies that may or may not be protecting it

New Product! Cloudi - a swing designed to encourage more playground interaction between children with disabilities and those without

… and more. Check them all out here.

How we honour your contributions

#100andChange #OPENandChange

  • You get an invitation to one of the OPENandChange workshops in Sept 2016 in Thessaloniki, Berlin, Brussels .. Claim it by leaving a comment on the event pages.
  • You get a ticket to CARING ON THE EDGE - The 2017 edition of our annual community summit. Claim it early by registering on the event page (just press Attend).