Working to provide Clean water for Refugees at Nakivale Refugee Settlement in Uganda

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Hello everyone,

I just discovered this platform on Google and got interested but I am really new here.

I am Mushongole Muganuzi Adonis Congolese Refugee Founder Executive Director of YAREN the Young Africans Refugees Entrepreneurs Network from Uganda working to provide Clean water for Refugees at Nakivale Refugee Settlement in South Western, women and youth empowerment as fighting for child marriage.

This is my organization’s Facebook page,

This is my documentary on water and there you can watch some others video under designing

I made one more step today to start my organization’s new branch in the capital city of Uganda in Kampala, it was great moment with these women talking on self-reliance.

I made last week workshop survey,
Looking to understand what the women refugees in urban area they wish can do and what they know but also on gender and climate change.

Most are interested to learn more to develop their skills in hand crafts, some hair dressing, tailoring, Cataring and business marketing.

Now I am working so far to implement it

Hello @Adonis2, welcome.

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I watched your video, impressive! You are doing some kind of open innovation, showing a problem and asking people to come up with solutions. Good on you. Maybe @nadia or @markomanka have some extra remarks.


Thank you @alberto for approving my request, I will be happy to read any comment or appreciation from any member on this platform.

With regards

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hi Adonis,and welcome to Edgeryders. Thank you for sharing your project, let me have a look and share some thoughts after

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Thank you for your time and appreciation