Workshop invitation: "Me vs Advertising"

THE MOAP (The Museum of Advertising Passion) is glad to announce its first workshop “ME vs ADVERTISING”, which will be held at Maadi, Cairo, Egypt.

From 1st – 10th September, 2015.

What “ME vs ADVERTISING” workshop is all about?

This workshop is to discuss advertising in all its phases and to help participants develop the skills needed to implement each step in the advertising process.

It also aims at helping participants produce brilliant and creative advertising ideas and methods.

More concretely, the objectives of “ME vs ADVERTISING” workshop activities are the following:

  1. Creative thinking and brainstorming. Helping participants develop ideas and adjust existing ones.
  2. Implementing creative ideas
  3. Developing and enriching communication skills
  4. Developing and enriching presentation skills.

At the end of the workshop participants will be offered a certificate upon project submission.

How to apply?

Please fill this form:


30th of August 2015


There is a participation fee of 750EGP.


If you have any questions, queries or would like to know more information, please contact THE MOAP office:



Cell Phone: 0120 270 2701

Phone: 022 525 22 30 - 022 525 22 40 - 022 528 71 79 - 022 525 31 86

Facebook: THE MOAP -

Address: No. 12, 161 St. – Maadi, Cairo.

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