Workshop on Service design in a climate emergency - What do digital services in a world of net-zero look like ?

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I am putting together this repository of materials that we can use to post on the event page and our edgeryders as well as our individual social media channels - to give would be participants a sense of what we are exploring. As well as entry point to join various relevant discussions already happening in different parts of the platform. I am updating it continuously but I thought it is good to post what is there already and add so we can start already…

Workshop on Service Design in a Climate Emergency

150 word description of the event in the form of an invitation to join us adapted for email

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A summary article, also not more than 150 -200 words combining the insights/overview and good quotes from theses sources:

3 quote banners: Visual Materials here.

3 Call-to-action Status updates: Visual Materials here.

Which skills would we like to have in the room?

  • Service design skills, particularly working in public sector in Europe, and private sector
  • Policy design and experience, particularly for delivering carbon reductions in government services
  • Digital skills, for implementing digitally mediated aspects of a service, like building digital platforms designed to support a channel shift away from manual ones that relied on paper
  • Skills and experience at working with vulnerable groups (or people from those groups themselves), often impacted by the unintended consequences of people taking steps to ‘green’ a service.

Are there specific organisations whose contributions would be helpful?

  • Do you know service designer who has experience facilitating events? Send them to us for a gig
  • Do you know anyone at TU Berlin who is working on “sustainable digitalisation”?
  • Do you know anyone from who has experience working with groups who are often vulnerable, and marginalised? Come join us at this workshop
  • Know anyone who is helping organisations understand how their efforts might unintentionally harm the people they are trying to help?
  • Do you know anyone who is building digital services that displace more polluting alternatives? Can you talk about the trade-offs you have to make when operating commercially?
  • Do you know anyone who is working at a mobility services company like Coup, Emmy etc. Join us!

@sarahs, What is your take on this as a Design & User Researcher with a focus on sustainable design? Do you have any concrete examples where you feel current tools or vocabulary lacking for the tasks of sustainable (service) design?