Workshop Summary Monastir (Tunisia)

The Monastir Open Village workshop started with the one million dollar question: why are you here ?
Some of them were driven by their curiosity discover open village project and know more about the work , some by their desire to connect with new people and other by their thirst to explore new perspectives that might be helpful for the implementation or the scalability of their ventures.

What each participant said about themselves

Cards :Personal development, personnel activities and initiatives, self-improvement and self-respect.

**Q:How do I choose, what to do next?**I am graduating this year, my concern is what is next? I don’t have a clear thoughts… (Personal development, IT…),
I am interested in personal development since it allows me to discover my improvement access.
Regarding personal activities and initiatives, I want to be involved in different field , it allows me to be more courageous and to take the risk because who risk nothing ever gains in addition to acquire self-confidence.
About self improvement and self respect, I always want to improve and develop my personality, and about self-respect, I want to have my respect for others to respect me.

Cards :Solidarity, sharing, learning together , education training , leisure , culture , sport

Q:How do I know what is stopping me from starting to achieve what I want (Conflict in our minds)

I see that the human being can not live happily without sharing his life with others
Sharing allows us to have better lifestyle and enrich our knowledge, more solidarity always makes us stronger .

In fact, to build positive progress we need a strong educational system and unfortunately this is not the case in Tunisia and I consider myself one of the victims of this system.
we must always speak of a cultural revolution because culture is one of the solutions for our present problems.
Recreation is very important for the vital balance from where sport, leisure and culture are necessary factors to have balanced and good life.

Cards:Dynamism and collective commitment, basic amenities, production / work conditions

Q:How do I know if what I am doing something useful?

If someone tries to live without basic amenities, in my opinion he can’t survive .
So we should be productive and dynamic in society and work in comfortable conditions.
Working alone can be profitable, but working with a community and sharing ideas and projects a great and enriching experience , you can not be passive person in a community of doers because it gives you support and a desire to go ahead and create value for your self and for others .


Q: How do I project my values in the real life: How to pick the right thing to do at the right time to get my project on the floor, / I feel I need to work more in a faster way, I want to have a clear vision /
Health is not guaranteed, we get sick all the time so we need to take care of our bodies and respect them, it is a capital that we need to reserve, diversity is a fact, what apply on me doesn’t apply on other, same goes for the health, so each person should be aware of his own body and his own needs in order to keep it safe, and this is what I am doing / Sport is important for our health, I am aware of it but I don’t do an (laziness) / I am a student and I am financially dependent on my parents, my focus is not the money and finance, I am focused in the social activities and the real needs, money comes afterward / Finance is not about money, it is about opportunities, so you may create opportunities with the existing needs, and satisfy them without money / Create an independent life, and not work in the usual job market / Even though I am studying pharmaceutics studies, I am considering to have a master in management / marketing that may be connected to health care ( mental health) and work in a multinational / I studied pharmacy to satisfy my parents wants, and not mine / still I love public health / I am working on creating a community that share the same values that I have ( health, mental health, spiritual balance, peace… )

Cards :Personal development

Q:How do I build experiences needed to build a sustainable project

I want to make different experiences to develop myself so that I lower the risk of failure of my project and ensure its success/
You can be a human with a value in the society and in every field (business,…) as a social need, also you can have a good general culture to be a part of society and solve my family and friends family ses amis, famille/ I need to find a way to manage time to balance between my activities social, sport, family…
I struggle to find ways to balance between all activities and university duties

Card : Fiends , economic balance , Employment and work

Q:How do I know if I arrived to the result I want or no.

For me, friendships are a must for a human being, it supports you, because if you are alone, you can’t make improvements, you need your friends even when we are launching a project. It is important to be surrounded by the right people.
Friends must share the same vision and philosophy in life, even when we travel, we are find ourselves needing the help of other people because we can’t make it on our own.
As the engineer needs to be an actor in the economy of the country, he needs to always be actively contributing in the development of the country.
The strength of a community is when the people with brilliant spirit gather their ideas to gather and bring them on the ground.
One of the failing point is the non-respect of working values and the lack of engagement in Tunisia, work is not about paid tasks, we need to redefine the job in a noble way
Card : Relations at work self improvement

Q: Why am I overthinking everything that I plan to do

My biggest issue is the fear, I am a person who is full of ideas and what stress me is not attending my objectives, realizing my projects, not going into actions and loosing opportunities , it is always failure that scares me the most.
I am aware that I need to find the best version of myself, I need to be surrounded by the right people that makes me progress and contribute in projects that has a sense. So that I can be proud of myself and cultivate my self-confidence in order to be able to take the lead in different projects with higher value.
Relations at work :
It is challenging for me to know how to manage resources in a responsible way, and insert a group culture in the work where each person contribute positively in the realisation of the project, while respecting its wants and competences with a flexibility in the working mode that cultivate the spirit of creative people.

How can the Edgeryders community support you in whatever venture you are trying to implement or develop ?

Noor :” I need feedback on an idea. with put I made a club in the faculty. Put a tableau d’affichage at the entrance. Two parts: 1) showcase people’s skills and talents 2) put up interesting information. Feedback needed: what else to do with it, how to develop it. An another idea: Recycling electronic waste. Has only the idea, but has not done any research or developed the idea further. “

Meriem: ”Rules and regulations: Needs legal advice. The legal process for establishing the company and responsibilities for all parts of it. How to build the company in a way that’s legally sound.”
Fawzi: “Speed. I need to figure out if I am doing something wrong to move the coworking space forward, to make it more active and sustainable fast. There is a missing culture - how to seed the culture in the community faster. Wants to have a higher speed in spreading culture. Community building challenge. Wemedia: We offer internet access for free in exchange for looking at advertising. Got the license, program is running well in Armenia. Now want to put this on ground in Tunis. How do we grow the business- grow advertising revenue and number of people using it for internet access. Spreading access to internet for more people.”
Most of participants :"How to do risk assessment on the project ideas I have (same project as for Fawzi)
Risk of a project like Coworking/co production space for creatives focused on street culture. Figure out to do a risk assessment and risk mitigation/sharing strategy for shared ventures. entrepreneurial projects that come out of it. Produce a service to people who are talented and skilled and perfectionists - he brings them a business solution that he can sell. Lots of people who have great talents and ideas, techniques and skills. Boite de rêves. How do we do production Already knows the risks for a project, how to do risk mitigation for that project? Daily laurel

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