Worlbuilding Stories

  "data": [
      "title": "Cor Animae",
      "text": " 'My voice is silent,' Medea said. 'Nobody will know I was ever here. But I come carrying Verbum Dei, and that is your ship’s soul. You will begin writing your liturgy'",
      "image": "https://edgeryders.eu/uploads/default/original/2X/7/7e1522de98ad4031767507e5dd5369f41398a293.png",
      "url": "https://start.edgeryders.eu/news/16415"
      "title": "A Hill to Die On",
      "text":  "In the Assembly, she would have been gently shepherded by now into the nearest commune that could take her in, given a hot meal, a change of clothes, a shower...",
      "image": "https://edgeryders.eu/uploads/default/optimized/2X/1/1a9427d9f9d85cfc6293ad0c502a6ebe1f1a90a7_2_1380x1054.jpeg",
      "url": "https://start.edgeryders.eu/news/16414"
      "title": "The Winged Woman",
      "text": "In the Covenant, they had a minimally invasive procedure that only took three hours. In Hygge, they had managed to do over 80% of the procedures in one hour.",
      "image": "https://edgeryders.eu/uploads/default/optimized/2X/0/06db95bbc84b8534a645623a77686a9a462bdcec_2_1378x1380.jpeg",
      "url": "https://start.edgeryders.eu/news/16416"
      "title": "Unidentify Yourselves, Please",
      "text": "The kitchen operates as a fully functional chemistry lab, with all heat and cold applications directly powered by concentrated solar. Pipes with hot oils at 300 °C...",
      "image": "https://edgeryders.eu/uploads/default/original/2X/f/faf7633b39e17381bc89d5affc38480affd91578.jpeg",
      "url": "https://start.edgeryders.eu/news/16417"