Write 600 word article about unMonastery/ Edgeryders for the Guardian

We have been asked to submit an article to the Guardian for their local gov sections (60,000 Unique visitors/month) by Friday morning. The instructions are as follows:

600 words

1. What you are going - details?

2. What you’ve found? Any success so far?

3. Why what you are doing - you can talk about your broader approach to employment as you mentioned over the phone.

4. Based on the above, what advice would you give to councils.

Don’t worry if you run over I can always edit it down for you. Thanks


It will appear here:http://www.theguardian.com/local-government-network




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Edgeryders is about considerably more than local government…

I’m as keen as anyone for Edgeryders to get good press…but we are not indifferent to the nature of that press…

The Guardian have a number of ‘sections’ where they regularly publish articles on specialist topics. We should be aware that these sections are heavily driven by the advertising that UK NGO’s, govt (National, regional & local), unions, NHS and academia place almost exclusively with the Guardian.

I would suggest that we go back to the Guardian and suggest that a piece on Edgeryders would be better off placed in either their ‘Society’ or ‘Technology’ sections rather than the ‘Local Govt’ one…

If they’ll do that …then I’ll happily do a draft of the article :wink:

…and we close it!

But we still need to verify it was published (paging [Nadia]).