Write 600 word article about unMonastery/ Edgeryders for the Guardian

We have been asked to submit an article to the Guardian for their local gov sections (60,000 Unique visitors/month) by Friday morning. I would rather any media presence is not too heavily associated with any one person as anything and everything out of Edgeryders is a community effort. So we are doing this collaboratively on a shared wiki here and you are very welcome to help. Please add your full name to the bottom if you contribute to it as a co-author.  <3 Nadia

Thank you Anthony Zacharzewski for making this happen. Ive put up the task on Edgeryders, who is taking charge of this? I can but would be great if others could help, also would rather not too much focus on any one person but Edgertyders as a community Ping @ilariadauria could you maybe interview staff in Matera local gov about what they have learned so far? esp Paolo and Rossella?

Here I am!

Dearests, I can help with the putting in contact with Paolo and Rossella, definetely. However, I still think that the Ederyders community is the best for answering the questions. Paolo and Rossella can give an opinion on why the local gov chose to support such an experimental project. The bidbook for Matera 2019 has been published today, in Italian. I can also put in some additional info, if needed. I am on the road on Wednesday night but working hard untill then.

This is awesome!

Ask them what if anything they have learned about it

and what they think local gov in other places could learn?