Write a brief summary of OpenCare for Acupuncture Quarterly

Hi, was hoping we might be able to get an article together for Acupuncture Quarterly, a magazine I edit that goes out to about 3000 UK acupuncturists.

Our next issue is on new paradigms in health and care [which seems pretty relevant!], and we have some space for additional articles.

We’d need it by early next week, I’m afraid [should have thought of this sooner], but it doesn’t need to be long:

  • 1600-3200 words
  • Brief introduction to what Edgeryders is, and what Opencare is.
  • Examples of some of the stories featured [especially around use of social spaces, health care, mental health, etc].
  • What Opencare has learnt that could benefit/interest acupuncturists - new ways to liaise with other health services and practitioners, use of tech in coordinating people, lessons about providing care in current times?
  • Where it is going next.
  • Any good photos/visuals also useful.

Hope we can put something together over the weekend - I’m happy to do some of this myself, but didn’t want it to come exclusively from me as I am also editor of the magazine!

I hope I can get something to you by Sunday evening…

Let’s see.

Knowing almost all the stories makes me think it shouldn’t be difficult, but if we want it to be well crafted we’ll need a few days to polish it. Will see what I can do, thanks for the opportunity.

Article postponed to next issue

Due to too short a notice to produce something coherent, with @steelweaver we agreed to consider the future journal issue (early 2017) for publishing.

I would also like to enlist @Amelia for this  as she already has her hands in the data. It should be fun.

Happy to add some polish to the article if required

changed the due date

Late January is the next copy deadline - hopefully we can pull something together before then! :slight_smile: