Write a check-in email to Rossella to let her know what we are doing with the applications

For now:

  1. H2020 (which program?) with Cluj and a city in Poland (which one?)
  2. Resilient Cities 3rd round
  3. Something with LightHouse?

want me to help out with a Polish city? I’d propose Lublin, where I know quite a lot of key people, which lost the bid of ECC 2016 with a much more powerful and politically well-connected city, and which is in so called Poland B, meaning catholic, underdeveloped, conservative part of the country.

Will do!

You’re right, and we need to start moving with this right away.

@Natalia_Skoczylas I was initially thinking Konin, because Edgeryder @Justyna_Krol moved back there last year and knows the city well, is already building infrastructure for innovation (or maybe she’s moved past that, we need to catch up!) Same are Cluj and Matera. I will follow with an email to you both next week to discuss details ok?

Reference for this application is this conversation (also links to specific 2020 call).

if Justyna is there, it makes more sense. If you will decide to give Lublin a try, though, let me know - I’d gladly go there and use my superforces and connections.

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Marked as done.

FYI the Resilient Cities challenge closed in September.