Write a launch post – AntiHeroes style (?)

Now that we have a date, it’s time to go public, the sooner the better. I really like the AntiHeroes style, so I am inclined to ask @ireinga and @KiraVde to write a nice blog post to let people know we are back with a vengeance, and determined to f**k up in style. @Noemi, maybe you could help the Anti-ladies to make sure what they do fits nicely in the LOTE tradition?

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Looking back on our latest discussions, we should be able to include at least two key tracks (or focus areas) to set the tone for the content that we will be looking for: failures in social/health care and refugee policy fuckups, as starting points for longer conversations we wish to have anyway with projects like eg Open Care.

We also need a call to action for the post: what help would you need from the community at this point and how can early interested Edgeryders plug in? It would not be bad to host an informal event in Brussels to gauge early interest, but that’s your call @ireinga.

Before the blog post

We were considering writing a one pager that we could start using as a call for action for both the community and potential partners/Brussels actors to jump in. A sort of an icebreaker intro inspired by the one we posted for in-house FuckUp Nights. @KiraVde and I could propose one asap. And of course let’s let it be social/health care and refugee policy fuckups :wink:

Shall we plan a community call on the subject in the week to come?


Actually, here is a nice variant on the community call: we could do a physical one in Brussels, with people far away logging in through Skype/Hangout. @KiraVde, you, I and hopefully @Nadia (others? @Thomas_Goorden maybe?) can be here in person. What do you think?

Either way, I definitely vote for the call ASAP.

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No need to ask

For sure, community calls were always a key channel for coordinating work around Lote, set a rhythm and give us clear actionables from one week to another.

Tomorrow 13/10 2:30pm-3:30pm

Brussels time can be an option? Kira can join us. Ok if it will be from your place @AlbertoIs it too short notice for the community to chip in?

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I can make it, but

I can make it for a quick thought sharing and just to start the process, but normally I would use events such as this posted a few days in advance so the word can go around (Main menu -> Events -> List an Event). Your call of course, we could set one up for say Thursday morning, but I’ll ping you tomorrow anyhow.


It is short notice, but no problem starting slow. Also, done beats perfect laugh

LOTE 5 meet + call

@ireinga  @Kira so is it on?

Would like to participate too, was it cancelled for today?


Sorry guys, we thought it was too short notice. Rescheduling for Thursday morning. Stand by, @ireinga and I will put up a link in about one hour.

Community call confirmed

All instructions here:


Also on Facebook: LOTE5 first community call

@Iriedawta @trythis @Noemi

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