Write a paragraph about the state of the OSM community in Bangladesh

Ditto. Can you do it by later today, [simonecortesi]? I would like to send my email on Monday.


Chittagong, Dhaka are the main places where OSM contributors are active, with about 30 junior contributors (< 50 edits), no more than 5 advanced users (<500 edits), and 0 senior users (>500 edits). As a tipical pattern in a “still forming” community, only major roads are mapped, tipically in urban areas, pretty much no landuse is added, and rural roads are not present at all. Names are not added to roads (present in around 2%). Areas of comparable size in Europe do have 15 to 20 times more data. Currently there is an early stage interest by Worldbank to have the Country mapped. Main communication channel seems to be an active forum on Facebook, where local hackers/coders hangout.


Thanks, that’s great. Just a question:

5 advanced users (<500 edits)

You meant > 500 edits, right?


I’ve completed my paragraph. If you need any more data, feel free to ask, and I will add detail to it.

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