Write a status update for MT2019

I was on the phone with Rossella today. It seems that we have delivered everything that this project was supposed to, except O7 (funding applications and FormStorm).

They asked for a status update – a document that they can show their own funders with the work that has been done. Can we touch base on this?

Emailed Juha for update

Status: discussion ongoing, they needed till February for a few things to fall into place e.g. for the board to set the new program direction for the year. Let’s see if this has moved forward, I just emailed them.


From the European funding perspective, we have been looking into two topics in the Horizon 2020 funding stream:

  1. Building a social innovation community to ensure knowledge sharing and transfer within a diversity of societal actors - from universities, to policy makers and to communities themselves, the latter providing the strongest signals as to where social change happens. This is a project typed Coordination and support, based on connecting existing actors, with opportunities to build bridges between them through innovative activities, such as bootstrapping a network of harmonious hackathons or unMonastery iterations.

Status: I had emailed Alberto Masetti Zannini couple weeks ago to ask if the Hub Network and their partners are decided yet on a consortium for the Social Innovation call in Horizon 2020, and he replied saying they’re still in talks but no decision has been made, and he will get back to us as soon as possible.

  1. The Future of Care in the Hands of the Hackers: we are looking to deploy collective intelligence towards care using open-technologies wielded by hacking communities. This is a research and innovation typed action.

Status:  we are mounting a consortium as we speak, with partners from Politecnico Milano Design Dpt, LABRI, a Bordeaux university research institute, the Stockholm School of Economics, and the SCIMpulse Foundation in the Netherlands. Once that is done (in a week or two) we will invite MT2019 as a test community if that is something they are interested in. More specifically, maybe their Open Design School (in the making?) could be involved in the design phase of hacker care prototypes; they could be hosting workshops bringing together people from Politecnico Milano, LABRi and several hackerspaces in Europe. Is that too far fetched? Anything that they would see themselves doing, they could, in a project like this.

Fari enough, but…

… I referred to the status of the whole project.

What we need is to go through a checklist of objectives and activities (objectives O3/4, O6, O7 and O8 here). For each item we should have a status (“done” or “in progress”) with the link(s) to the documentation.

BTW, I noticed that some of the presentations of the Matera CIN have not yet been documented (Knowmads in Amsterdam, by @Dorotea, and Open Mind Festival in Kassel, by @Nadia). It would be great if you, Dorotea and Nadia, could do even very short and simple writeups of what happened there. Other events that have been documented include Improving Reality in Brighton, again by Nadia, Unlocking the potential of the social economy in Rome, by Maria, Emrgent Festival Berlin, by Dann, and the RGS-IBG Conference, by Kei.

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Misunderstood then

Ok, now I see. Putting together a report and collecting all links in the CIN shared google folder here.  Should be done by end of Monday, if that’s OK, at least covering what we have until now.

will do

I can do the write up in the next days if it works

the Monday Noemi is referring to was yesterday or is it the next one?

anyway I hope it helps , so I’ll do it :slight_smile:

This Monday

But no matter. As soon as you upload your writeup I will link to it in the report, thanks a ton!

Has this been sent?

Ping @Noemi.

We now have this Love proposal too, which seems solid and should go into the update.

As soon as that’s done, I will ask for a call with Rossella to get her to sign off to us finalizing those proposals and finishing the contract.


Ok, I updated the report, but somehow I’m missing out how exactly Matera will be involved in any of the funding proposals. Especially with EU funds, you yourself said it, it will be difficult to officially involve them later on… Or perhaps they don’t even want more paperwork, just partnerships and some activities touching on their themes of interest and maybe some live action driven by Edgeryders?

Do you want me to send the report?

Involving Matera

It will work like this:

  1. I call Rossella and get her signoff to the main idea.
  2. Fondazione will have to go to the effort of generating a PIC, so creating an account in ECAS. But that is the only paperwork to do, and I think it is realistic.
  3. As we close the budget, if they are a full and budget-wielding partner, I get another signoff.

So, not to worry. I have made minor changes to the report; yes, please do send it, with me in cc.

Marked as done.

Now waiting for Rossella to agree on a meeting.