Write email blast announcing Lote

We need to make our over 900 subscribers get super excited about Lote at unMonastery. How to present the event to people who may not be active Edgeryders, may not know much about unMonastery or havent been to Lote1 or 2?

For this task we need good copy work. Main content for the email is in first post on Lote.

draft Noemi&Said


We are immensely happy to invite you to the third community scale event for Edgeryders, which we want to be our greatest yet! It follows two important things that have happened since the community met last year:

  • Edgeryders is now a social enterprise! We may be the first case ever of a spin-off from a public sector online project (originally under the Council of Europe). We have already explained why we are doing this, and how this can benefit the whole community. We still think it is worth doing, and we are moving forward.
  • The first project from the Edgeryders community is also moving forward. UnMonastery Matera is officially set to open later in the year or early in 2014. The unMonastery moved from a concept to reality in less than one year. Ben Vickers did it, so chances are you can do it too – with a little luck and a lot of help from the rest of the community.


It just makes sense for us all to get together and be inspired by the momentum which has gathered in Matera and online, and get better at using the community’s resources for our complementary projects that build off the platform. We’ll do it in the unMonastery building itself – it is breathtaking! We’ll even have an epic Halloween party! Trust us, you want to save the date.

What happens is 2 days of intense peer to peer workshops and masterclasses to build the Edgeryders Guide to Making Projects Happen, with documentation on what is working for some of us, what knowledge and skillsets need to be deployed in what situation, what organisational resources are there for the community. This will be followed by a peer-to-peer, open format unconference. As before, all sessions are free and open to everyone.


So, are you? We made it easy to register. Just go your user profile (or create one) on the Edgeryders platform, click “Edit Profile” & fill in the LOTE-relevant info. Here’s the deal: we will try to raise funding to pay for people to travel to Matera. The first people to be funded will be those who first commit to coming! Even if we don’t succeed, it will be cheaper than staying at home: it’s just a RyanAir flight to Bari and inexpensive accommodation: think friendly locals, couchsurfers or friends.

Participation is free of charge, but LOTE is a no spectators event: we all put in something, be it time, skills, even social capital because we all help promote it. What would you like to do, discuss or learn about in this LOTE? What skills do you have and would like to team up with others to help organize it? Please fill in all this, and remember: anything you can offer, we’ll all benefit and learn from it.

You can also visit http://lote.edgeryders.eu to learn more about what is really your event.

With love,

Nadia, Noemi, Said & a lot of us already volunteering to build ourselves a great event