Write the legal and financial information in the form for submitting a proposal

The Form for submitting service provider is listed as an annexe to the Request for proposal. It needs to be filled to have a viable proposal.

Part 1 deals with the qualifications of the company making the proposal, i.e. Edgeryders LBG. Of the bullet points listed, please write

  • Business Licenses – Registration Papers, Tax Payment Certification, etc.
  • Latest Audited Financial Statement – income statement and balance sheet to indicate Its financial stability, liquidity, credit standing, and market reputation, etc. 
  • Certificates and Accreditation – including Quality Certificates, Patent Registrations, Environmental Sustainability Certificates, etc.  
  • Written Self-Declaration that the company is not in the UN Security Council 1267/1989 List, UN Procurement Division List or Other UN Ineligibility List.

This should not take more than a couple of hours at most. The Latest Audited Financial Statement does not exist, and we should simply say we are a new company spun off a Council of Europe project. Do this by Monday January 6th at 16.00.

We can always ask UNDP questions if things are unclear.

updated status: Done