Writer type, Prague

A Brit, based in Prague. I’m still sussing out the focus of Edgeryders itself (I guess its on my radar via people like Dark Mountain and Vinay Gupta), so I’ll keep this pretty short and general. Essentially, though, I’m interested in meeting people who are thinking about alternatives to the various monolithic defaults we see all around us: economic, educational, cultural, communicational, political. People who think differently; which increasingly, I think, means people who think. People, at any rate, who don’t talk about what’s trending on Yahoo, foregrounded in the mass media, or hyped in the Guardian lifestyle pages.

I don’t know what’s out there, and what’s possible in Prague. I hope I might soon find out.



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That sounds about right

Hello Rob, welcome. And well put: “alternatives to monolithic defaults”. The defaults part is clear: whatever our shortcomings, we try not to fall back onto thinking in defaults. The alternative parts, not so much. We are still struggling. Some immediate steps seem logical and reasonable – for example the swarm behaviour you have seen at work with today’s Twitterstorm, or projects like the unMonastery – but we have no idea where this all is going. We’ll find out together, I guess!