YAREN's Training center construction


It has been a while without posting or commenting here and this is due to the poor internet here in Nakivale Refugee Settlement Isingiro District of Uganda.

Due to the high level of beneficiaries that are benefeting our progams, our working which has been for rent do not allow efficient work and good working condition.
YAREN was able to raise a land in this year of 2022, now we are looking to construct a training room and an office room of 7 metters by 3 metters.


Strengthening of the operational capacity of YAREN. YAREN’s reporting performance is assured. Availability and easy working condition.

While working on women and youth empowerment

And my documentary on water and there you can watch some others video https://youtube.com/watch?v=BZ0J8s4EoaM&feature=share

I lastly I made a workshop survey,
looking to understand what the urban Refugees wish can do and what they know but also on gender and climate change.

Most are interested to learn more to develop their skills in hand crafts, some hair dressing, tailoring, Cataring and business marketing.

Here is the proposal https://docs.google.com/document/d/1svAt7AkOGQbi9sBYQYChDP6qUopctXvA/edit?usp=drivesdk&ouid=101571337409890941304&rtpof=true&sd=true

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Hello @Adonis2, welcome back! So you have decided to shift to making a training center? What happened to the clean water project? I am not trying to criticize, just curious to understand your thinking. cc @nadia, she might also be interested.

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Hello @alberto, no it still also on but this is our working place we are looking for support to construct because we do conduct trainings in terms of vocational skills.

This is evenhttps://t.co/uMy21V2PwT
my recent article about water project, and we are drafting a survey to make more studies it still also requires some facilitation. Please you me connect us with any interested to help us with skills, funding, network, fundraisers and coaching or mentorship