Yes, but how do we join?

Mattias, thanks for creating a non-project hangout space. The question is: where is the “join group” button? I think you are joined automatically when you write some comments, but a “Join” button is a nice social cue.

Do we simply join everyone via admin interface?

Subscribe link done

There is now a “Subscribe to group” link below the description. Could be added by configuring a field in the backend [instructions]. This link enables, by default, every registered member to join a group immediately. Seems a reasonable default for an open platform like we are.

Those groups who want different behavior can set use the group’s “Edit” tab to set “Override default roles and permissions”, and afterwards the “Administer group -> Permissions -> Organic groups UI” section to adjust behavior. Like, to require approval for joining a group.

We should document that in the FAQ section as well …