Young Vs Old : Environments to Experiment?

After traveling and living in various societies,

I realize that, depending on the environment,

there will be more or less potential to develop initiatives and experiment.

This depends likely in great part on the culture,

on the awareness, on the type of economy, on the demography, on history,…

Depending on a variety of factors,

I realize potential for initiative may depend greatly on environments in which the “young” have power and influence,

or if the enthusiasm and initiative building of the young is hindered by the power of the old.

I wonder if there is specific research into this ?

What are the societies in which we are , as young people,

the most likely and able to develop initiatives, finding other people to collaborate with ?

I remember, when I was in Romania,

a number of managers where very young.

Why ? Because after the old system fell, except probably for politics,

it where the young trained to “western” type of management

( although they where trained by “old” people in the west ? ),

then ended up having manager positions.

Here is also an interesting article, which may also help reflect from a American point of perspective.

I wonder what it may be in various European regions ?

Taking this into account, where may it be best for me to go to, as to develop projects, regardless of money itself ?

The beauty of beginnings

I agree, Dante. New spaces feel more free, and traditionally they have been the better ones for young people to thrive in. They need not be physical spaces; they could also be domains, like rock music in the 1960s and 1970s, and the web in the 1990s.

I am not the most well travelled person, but I think the action now is probably in Eastern Europe. The regulation is not yet suffocating, the demographics are less skewed in favour of the older people, and it seems you can breathe a little better. Get Rysiek to tell you about the hackerspace in Warsaw!