Youth Employment

I work for I-NGO on irregular migration project,I am responsible for providing alternatives for the youth who are subjected to the risk of irregular migration,Training and employment isn’t an easy job as you are facing different challenges :

1-The youth outreach

2-The lack of trust about the training and employment programs

3-The Current political and economic situation in Egypt

hi mustapha

hello @Mustapha Adel and welcome on board :slight_smile:

can u tell us more

like what exactly do u mean by “irregular migration” and what nationalities ?

and what about the lack of trust issue , do u face that alot even in an NGO not in a governmental sector

have u seen @sfreto is doing with the career coaching , is that similar to what u do in a sense , may be u both can tell us more about the employment problems in Egypt

looking forward to hear from u :slight_smile: