Youth Forum for the Mediterranean: call for participants

hey guys
just got to know from a friend about this youth forum by the “union for Mediterranean” which is taking place in Tarragona in spain.

It looks like a good opportunity to find partners and/or organizations and people who could be interested in the openvillage vision.

It is a tight deadline ( 10th June ) but doesn’t require a big application process so I am willing to write the application.

what do you think about it ? also anyone interested in joining ? ( realized that age is from 18-30 so this is mainly for @zmorda @owen and @noemi ? ) or even yosser


Shoot. I’m 31 :-)) But your call of course, whether to go for it or not.

Worth a shot. But yes, you’ll need to find a young person willing to go. I think @hugi is 29 or 30, no?

I am interested @hazem ? how may I help you ? I think that the organisation should fullfill the application right ?

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started a file here it is a pretty straight forward application with 5 main questions, will be filling it today and tomorrow



Hey Hazem, missed you at the call earlier this week. Any news from this event? fingers xx!