Youth in Action for Social Cohesion: Case of Valkyries

In response to the problem of social exclusion, Sweden based non profit Valkyries is now running the project “Youth in Action” .

The project consists of social events across Europe: conferences and unconferences, training seminars tackling the question of exclusion, cohesion and mobility.

The aim is to empower youth through building partnership activities.

Valkyries are collaborating with other NGOs on the projects for social innovation.

I have spoke to a member of Valkyries: she would have liked to come to lote, but has a lot to prepare for Valkiries next event.

List of events is available here:

Yo :slight_smile:

I’ve come across this because YiA was mentioned in the policy research report, the latest on Living together, more cohesive societies and the like… Have you had the chance to look through it?

Youth in Action seems like the best European policy has come up with in years to provide more equal opportunities for youth. It’s set as example by Barbara, the author (you might remember her from Lote) based on research on youth policy. It’s missing indicators, but…

Anyway, was wondering if you can read the summary or the whole report in google doc and let her/us know what you think? Like the other research reports, this one wil also go in the transition handbook, and it’s got recommendations.

Personally, I thought it needed more bad examples or where the hardest challenges lie, if European institutions want to provide fairer access to schooling, a job, housing? … Maybe you can identify some weak spots?  All feedback useful of course :slight_smile: