Zelij - Progress

I’m sharing with you Zelij Invent progress; a green tech solution that transforms plastic waste into eco-friendly and sustainable materials (Click Here to know more about us).

Our current crucial milestone at Zelij Invent is the prototyping phase of the ecological construction bricks. In order to achieve this milestone, we started earlier on March preparing the supplies. All orders have been approved with suppliers but only two received (from a total of four). The process is taking more time than we expected due to the lockdown (13/03).

We have been affected by the current situation and most of our physical activities have been postponed. Our prototyping workshop action plan and list of key contacts are done.

Also, we’ve been able to find a blacksmith and he is currently preparing the manual molding machine prototype (Pictures below: Equipment pictures from blacksmith workshop). The idea is to have everything ready in order to launch the prototyping workshop just after the end of confinement.

Once the final product ready and tested at the laboratory, we will test the product with our customer.

After achieving the prototyping milestone, our next one would be to raise funds from national funders in order to implement our first production plant in Casablanca.

Equipment picture from blacksmith workshop