2nd & 3rd week of June in the life of NGI Forward

Dear community members and newcomers,

NGI Forward is as it should be a fastmoving and sprawling discussion space and sometimes it can be hard to get or keep an overview.

Therefore here a quick summary of some of the discussions and events of the last week with some links:

We are happy that two true makers joined us and introduced themselves and their projects this week:

@BlackForestBoi : the founder of Worldbrain introduces himself and the project as well as Memex and Storex with great examples and passion. In the following discussion, one can see the upsides of direct contact between the developers and users as practical questions are tackled and we are looking forward to a more in-depth discussion of the underlying ideas and the effects and potential of the UX.

@JollyOrc : leads from his personal story and disappointment with social media to his concrete project to build a better form of social media sharing ideas and prototypes to be discussed and developed further.

Both of them also joined the community call on the 18th of June on the topic of ad-based economy and news that we organised in reaction to a very active discussion thread on the topic:

Another very important topic this week was “Greenness” as we want to increasingly look into and emphasise environmental topics and sustainability here at edgeryders and apply such thoughts also to the technological solutions we discuss.
We also discussed how to discuss it:

and how to set up a workshop on the topic:

The topic on how economical systems connect to the reality of how the internet and news media develop was also important this week and relevant references can be found in this post:

which was nicely added by @soenke, who looks into collective intelligence design and introduced himself here:

We are looking forward to more discussion on the topics of this week as well as those to come and are excited about all the great new members that joined us this week to drive them.

If there was another discussion or post especially relevant for you this week, please share it here with a link.


Thanks for the summary, it’s great!

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