3 × 50,000 EUR for innovations against plastic waste

Being a plastic enemy is a worldwide trend by now, and anti-plastic made it also to be the theme of this year’s European Social Innovation Competition:

Their call for applications are currently open, until 4 April 2019. Basically anyone from a member state of the European Union is eligible to apply, and I think also people from some neighboring countries (but I don’t remember exactly).

Just spreading the news here, because it’s a good competition with a hassle-free first round of applications. It’s one of these things that can really push an idea to become reality … happened to us when winning a prize in the first edition of this competition in 2013, triggering the development of what is now PayCoupons.


Ping @Puja @ponyo @winnieponcelet… and others you know.
I think this is the good-for-marketing kind of competition where there’s a network paying some attention to the shortlisted ideas, and some peer learning (?).

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Yes they just launched an alumni network where all the shortlisted ideas from all the competition’s rounds will be listed, and are supplied with a badge to show on their website etc…

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Perfect match for Volkan - I need to finally make him write about his business here!

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