3rd International Conference on Internet Science - CAPS - 12th September


I was forwarded this invitation to participate to the event below taking place in Firenze in september. Have you received it too? Where are we receiving mails sent to projects@capssi.eu ?

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Subject: [CAPSSI-Projects] 3rd International Conference on Internet Science -12-14 September Florence (Italy)

To: projects@capssi.eu

Dear all,

The 3rd International Conference on Internet Science will host a number of slots dedicated to the presentation of CAPS/CAPSSI projects on the 12th of September 2016 in Florence. Please contact the organisers (see below) to let them know whether you would  be interested in presenting your CAPS/CAPSSI project and participate in relevant roundtable discussions! Registration for the first day of the conference (12th of September) is free, including the participation in the various  CAPS/CAPSSI projects’ workshops that will take place in parallel in the evening of the same day.

There are also opportunities for CAPS projects’ mini workshops/sessions taking place in parallel in the evening of the second day (13th of September).

Last, during the third day of the conference (14h of September) research work related to various CAPS important issues will be presented.

Please check the tentative program here: http://internetscienceconference.eu/programme/

You can register at: http://internetscienceconference.eu/register/

You can contact the organisers at: http://internetscienceconference.eu/contact/

INSCI 2016 - Openness, Collaboration and Collective Action

3rd international conference on Internet Science

September 12-14, Florence, Italy

Date: 2016-07-15 17:45:00 - 2016-07-15 17:45:00, Europe/Brussels Time.

Plenty of other CAPSSI events

I am not sure what channel they use ( and I don’t know who they are),

I also receive invitations and annoucements.  I recently posted one here.

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This event was mentioned by @Ezio_Manzini .

This does not look worth international travelling, and September will be very busy. But maybe some of our Italian partners, who can just go there over the day, can represent the consortium?

No answer

Dear @Alberto

We wrote to them just after you posted the event by the site, but we haven’t received any kind of answer.

We could be available to present Opencare there!

Do you have some direct contacts (ex. Sestini that is in the CAPS session)?

Let me know! Thanks.

Ps. Now I couldn’t even open the page … http://internetscienceconference.eu/

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Opencare Presentation during INSCI Florence 2016

Dear all

I went to Florence to present Opencare during INSCI Conference. It was an interesting moment to know other CAPS Project. Here a quick overview. I had only 5 minutes, so here my presentation. (Thanks to @Alberto for data, to @Costantino for graphic and poster!).  In some days it should be available all documentation of the conference here.

I met also Antonella Passani that she’s organizing for European Commission the Digital Social Innovation Fair 2017. She invited us to participate to this moment. It will be 1th and 2nd February 2017 in Rome. She told me that she had some problems to contact us by email. @melancon did you receive something from her?

Hi Franca, thank you for your feedback !

I did receive an e-mail about the Digital Social Innovation Fair two days ago.

So, are we number 1?

@Franca , I am curious of how the other projects are doing. Before the event, you mentioned that their websites seemed much more static than our own. Did you get a feeling for how many contributions, participants to the conversations etc. the other projects are getting? Did anhbody put up numbers? It would be super if we were number 1 by far (as I suspect we are).

A coordination action?

DSI Fair seems like a coordination action around CAPSSI. So, low energy, not many opportunities for learning. I would view it as an arena to scare off the competition and establish opencare’s leadership on CAPSSI. The timing is about right.

yes :wink:

Hi @Alberto, in effect nobody puts up numbers during presentations. We are the only one…

It’s also true that, as I understood, the structure of their project is a little bit different… and for some aspects the engagement activities are the step 2 of their project.

For ex, in this platform that is about Financial Awareness, Profit, the community is composed by few people that are experts. Profit Community

So it seems to me that in some of other projects it continues to be followed the idea of a burden between experts and non- experts, someone who creates technologies/materials and someone else that can use o reuse…and this is not really put up for discussion.

But this is only my first impression… :wink:

Artefact bias

It’s Cottica’s Law :wink: :

“In any group trying to build a system with a technical component and a social component, the bulk of the effort and budget gets allocated to the technical component.” 


“Therefore, trying to build a system with a technical component and a social component almost always fails.”

I call it artefact bias. People obsess for a year on designing the platform underpinning an online community, and they forget to nurture the community itself. It’s like the platform cloaks the people. Go figure.

Ok, this is very good news. Let’s crush the competition. Forwards! :-)