[Edgeryders Check-in] – re:Publica, CAPSSI events and ongoing online conversation

What our team has been working on over the last month (ref: checkin for April here).

  • 2 Public presentations about OpenCare led by Nadia at re:Publica and the Berlin CAPPSI event (was joined by Marco)
  • Engaging protagonists of 3 new projects into participating in OpenCare - soon to meet them online (Nadia)
  • Recruiting OpenCare ethnographer by Alberto: open call & announcement to follow
  • Recruiting Op3nCare June Fellows by Noemi: announcement & articles to follow
  • Community management and community calls to help onboarding, led by Noemi: 40 new members welcomed in person; community conversation is so far made of approx 120 users, 170+ nodes and 1200+ comments/ reactions to them. A dashboard has been set up by Alberto for mostly internal use.
  • Ongoing 3 CountOnMe emails /week and  decentralized setup for shared social media management to be finalized this week by Nadia

CAPSSI event next fall

Just got an email announcing the next CAPPSSI event. I wondered whether anyone would like to go on behalf of opencare.

@alberto or @nadia or @markomanka, anyone else?

Onboarding workshops

The Edgeryders team will be busy with onboarding workshops. I doubt we can go.

But, if our SSNA demo is ready, you could go show it to people, @melancon !