4WD Event Oss 2022 transcripts - 20BXS

I’m working on research in the automotive sector. And I would like to know your point of view. If you accept, I’m going to record it our conversation to transcribe it and put the transcription with a pseudonym. That means not your real name in a repository of text documents that will be used for the research. If you do this and you change your mind later and no longer want to participate, get in touch with us and we will immediately remove your interview from the repository. All right, I’m leaving you later. An information sheet with contacts. If you agree, please tell your name, surname and that you agree.

Yes, I agree. My first name is Bos and my surname is Bos.

Thank you. So the first question When is the one objective that comes to mind? When you think about electronics, not electric electronics.

The first thing that comes in mind, it made a very. The last years is very explosive on the electrical of electronics. Yeah. Much features added to the cars in five years time or so. The last five years is very, very much electronics in each car, and especially for the pickup trucks.

What is your feeling about that?

Well, I think it’s nice. Yeah. Yeah, I think it’s nice. In earlier days, the pickup trucks were only for the working man. And now you can see the trucks are also used by people that only use it for towing the caravan or just towing a boat or just for holidays or whatever. Just or they combine it with the work and private, so. Yeah.

Yeah. Currently owning a car. Could you list five electronic components in your car?

Yes. The power windows, of course. The cruise control, the adaptive cruise control. Even power steering is electronic at this time. Abs, of course. Abs systems. And what else? Yeah, Climate control. Yeah, well, I probably. I can find more, but power mirrors, power steps. What else have you out your your complete entertainment system that’s very, very widely at this time. Power locks are told also power windows. Yeah, much more than that. Much more than that, probably. Yeah.

What kind of maintenance schedule do you have for your car?

Well, the car will not notify the driver itself. So. And depends on how much you drive with it, but it comes between the 12 and the 15,000 kilometres. So.

And what are your sources of expertise or and authority when it comes to making choices about car maintenance and repairs?

Well, the the, the dealers, the dealers advise from from from the factory. That’s what the advice that we follow up.

Okay. Tell me about the last time one of the electronic devices in your car or car you did use malfunctioned. What happened?

There was a malfunction with but but combined switch of the turn signal and wipers. And then there was a I believe there was a recall. And then you have to replace the switch and also the clock spring and also, I believe, the wiper motor. And that was it. Yeah.

Have you ever heard the term circular economy? Yes. In dutch circulare ekonomie.

Yes, of course. Yeah.

Could you tell us more about that?

Well, personally, I don’t know anything about how things are rolling or going, but sure, we know the circular economy, like we use our plastics. We we throw them away apart. We do that for a long time now. And also we do that in the shop. We we keep our plastics and other garbage in separate. So, yeah, we know about it.

Okay. If you had the option to replace malfunctioning electronic components in a car you were using with a new component or a used one, and what would be pros and cons, new or reused components?

Well, sometimes you can better buy new because the prices are of used Parts are almost as expensive as new parts. But also there is an especially with electronics parts when they’re used, there may be something wrong with it. Somebody put maybe a wrong connector on it or a fuse fried or whatever. So it’s better safe to go for a new one. And that is that is tested in the fabric that that before the used one. Yeah. But it depends on on the component. Yeah. Yeah.