4WD Event Oss 2022 transcripts - 29HLX

the electronic components in your car or another car you did use did malfunction. What’s going broken or stopped the carng like that or somethi.

No, nothing. No, no. I have no experience with it.

Have you ever heard the term circular economy in dutch cirkulere ekonomie?

Yeah, I heard about it.

What does it mean to you? In your own words?

Yeah. Circular economy.

What does it mean?

It’s maybe using the heat of the engine to to to heat the space inside the car. Is is one. If you if you break you. How do we say that? Collecting power. Yeah. For the battery. Yeah, that’s fine.

If you had the option to replace a malfunctioning electronic component in the car you were using with a new component or a used one. And why?

Yeah, I have a new car. A new components Yeah. Yeah. Maybe when? When the car is older, you use older components. Used components. Not for a new car.

What are the pros and cons? It means positive and negative for new components. And what is for used components in your meaning.

I think for used components. You do. You don’t know how what the age is of the components. Yeah.

Do you have concerns about privacy and personal data stored by car electronics, for example, in a GPS when thinking about reuse of car electronics? So one more time.

Yeah, one more time.

Concerns about privacy and personal data. They are collected in your GPS. If you let it reuse this component, What do you think about privacy and personal data stored in the in the car component.

If they reuse it? Yeah. I have no meaning about it. We are living in a world. All the governments authorities have the they know how. They can check you everywhere. Yeah. Big brother is watching you.

Does recycling and reusing mean different things to you?

Recycling and reusing? Yeah, it’s two. Two separate things.

Yeah. Explain, please.

Recycling is to to to make a new product from from from the old material. And reusing is you use the material or an element. It’s it’s repaired. Yeah.