A note on the architecture of the OpenVillage team

We base the OpenVillage on three pairs of fellows and curators.

  • Fellows are leaders on the ground. Each of them proposes a theme that she will curate. Her job is to find the content to exhibit, get the relevant stories blogged out here on the Edgeryders platform, and drag their protagonists to the OpenVillage itself. Fellows receive a bursary and a travel allowance. Belgian biohacker Winnie Poncelet has been chosen as the first of the three. 
  • Curators are senior people – scientists, or entrepreneurs, for example – who support fellows in their work. They give them advice and access to global networks. They have no specific responsibilities, other than give wise advice and show up at the OpenVillage. We have several ideas for curators; we will discuss them, and possible pairings, with candidate fellows.

Additionally, fellows are encouraged to go on Wanderjahre. These are not literally three years and one day of wandering (wikipedia): we see it as a trip across Europe to meet people with open projects around care, and connect them to the OpenVillage. Blogging during these trips will make for very, very interesting read.

What do you guys think? @WinniePoncelet , who would be your “dream” curator?

Pieces coming together

I’ve been thinking and talking to our team, @Noemi & others. At ReaGent and Ekoli we have to reinvent/optimise the financial models and their implementation over the summer. We’re going for a three month break of most of our activities for this.

I would be cool to combine this with the Wanderjahre: visit open care projects to connect them to the festival, blog about it, and also hold a session with local people around business modelling/financial sustainability. We’ll learn for our situation, they’ll hopefully learn for theirs.

As for a mentor, I couldn’t think of someone yet.


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