About the People & Projects category

Tell us a story about yourself. It can be the story of your life’s journey, or the story of a day when you discovered something important about yourself or the world. It can be about achieving something or about coming up against an obstacle that prevented you from achieving it. When you write, tell us the facts (what you are doing, what you did) as well as the opinions (why you think it is important to do it). If you need some inspiration, you can look at the stories Edgeryders have already contributed, like those by Jay, Ode, Dorin, Ginevra, Ola, Jonathan and many more.

Or write about a fellow Edgeryder. You could also look through the stories posted here, find one that inspires you, then add a topic explaining how it teaches you a concrete lesson that you are going to use for your own journey. You may discover new ways for dealing with something you have been struggling with. Or you may come across someone who is trying to realise something you are interested in and be inspired to collaborate with them.

Good for you. Sharing your story increases the likelihood that you will meet other Edgeryders who might be interested in what you do, have helpful advice or even want to collaborate with you on your projects. You can write in any language you like.

Good for everyone. The purpose of this mission is to enable Edgeryders to learn from each other’s strategies, successes and mistakes. By sharing yours, you are making everyone a little wiser.