About the WeMake "Maker in Residence" programme

(This is the former topic “About the Maker In Residence at WeMake category”.)

Hello, maker!

Here is where you can apply to opencare’s Maker In Residence programme.

It is a funded programme to enable creators to boost their project, prototype or concept idea by working on site at WeMake in Milan. For details please check the Call For Makers.

How to apply

The application process will require 15 to 20 minutes. Before you start be sure you can provide personal data of all the applicants and can provide in-depth description and media about your concept / project.

Step 1 - go to Edgeryders.eu and create a new account

Step 2 - go to Add my story button at the bottom of this page and write about your project:

  1. First tick the second answer for both the opening questions
  2. Add the name of your project and upload a relevant picture (photo of the prototype if existing / render / a picture that tells more about the context)
  3. Contribute the description of your project or idea in the form. We suggest to copy/paste the template below in the Story section to guide you through the writing (* mandatory fields)
    • Tweet-like description of the project
    • Need or problem you are attempting to solve*
    • Beneficiary, single person and/or community*
    • Solution, brief description of the project*
    • Technologies already adopted or that you are planning to adopt*
    • Website (or socials)
    • License, that you are planning to use
    • Current status/stage of the project. Considering your project, please point out the project stages that you have already accomplished. [Consider the following as a blueprint to guide you during the description]*
      • Discovering
        • Observing the context
        • Gaining insights
        • Defining the problem
      • Defining
        • Exploring solutions
        • Ideating a concept
        • Sketching the solution
      • Developing
        • Building and testing prototype
        • Technical revision
        • Usability testing
      • Delivering
        • Finalizing product/service
        • Final delivery
        • Line production
  4. Choose the Channel(s) suited to your project
  5. It is not mandatory to add all the other details

Step 3 - follow this link and fill the form: https://goo.gl/forms/TIVGWuxdd0FYbfk22