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This is an overview of the incoming offers we have from lovely Materani and other local B&Bs in response to the Open Letter from Edgeryders posted on Matera 2019 community website. Do go in there and say thanks, some of these people are opening their homes to us!

Are you coming to Lote3 October 29 - November 3? Have a look. See if there’s anything that fits you and go for it! If you need extra help please comment below. Our small team made of @ilariadauria, @ritao and @noemi will get in touch with you shortly after.

UPDATE OCTOBER 23rd: The deals we have crafted with local b&bs were secured as long as other reservations didn’t come up, especially for September. It will also be a holiday weekend in Matera, so we can no longer vouch for them.

PLEASE REMEMBER that in Matera there is a TAX of 1€ per night only for the first 2 nights.


1 bed for free!!


Raffaela Pontradolfi

1 double room for free!!


Sergio Fadini L’aBBabbio nei Sassi (B&B)
2 beds for free!!


Antonia Dartizio

-guest needs to be French-speaker

7 rooms

Double: 45 eur/day

Triple: 60 eur/day

Quadruple: 75 eur/day

1 twin room booked.

since it’s already October you’ll have to check for availability

Leonardo Savino

B&B Il Casalnuovo

- breakfast included

  • 10 mins walk from Lote3 venue

1 room: double bed

1 room: double bed + 1 single bed

1 apparment 5 beds | 2 toilets | kitchen

Minimum 3 nights: double room = 57€/day + 10€/single bed

Minimum 3 nights min 3 people in appartment: 22€/day

For 5 to 7 nights: double room = 50€/day + 10€/single bed

Minimum 5 nights min 3 people: 20€/day

available, offer valid if reservations are made during month of September, if the rooms are still vacant.

The apartment has been allocated. The double room has been allocated only on 29-30. The double + single bed is still available

Enzo Montemurro

B & B Al Convento


1 double room

1 room for 4 people

Up for a special deal for 5 to 7 nights if all the rooms are taken.

waiting for info on number of rooms and forfait for 5-7 nights stay Angela Maria Riccardi

Via Dante, 3

1 appartment: 5 beds

30€/night for 3 nights

27€/night for 5 to 7 nights

(Appartamento TORRE)


B & B Santa Barbara


5 rooms: price per room

double: 60€/night

3 people: 70€/night

4 people: 80€/night

more than 3 nights: -10%

Michele Noviello

b&b Agli Archi

5 nights:

  • 1 ps: 180€ (36€)
  • 2 pple: 230€ (23€)
  • 3 pple: 330€ (22€)

7 nights:

  • 1 ps: 250€
  • 2 pple: 320€
  • 3 pple: 460€

B&B Matera city

5 rooms: 25€/night

I am asking for a special offer for 7 nights

Giovanni Genco


1 double room w/ kitchen (only for breakfast) + fridge

  • 3 nights: 200€ (50€/ps)
  • 4-5 nights: 32,5€/ps
  • 6-7 nights: 30€/ps

Il Cortile

1 appartment for 4 ppl:

If it is taken for 1 week by 4 people, the offer is 20€/night breakfast included!

Offer is valid until somebodey else reserves the bed and breakfast for that period.

Matera B&B

Offer valid until the 20th of October, if there are romms available

Double room: 65€/night

-10% from 2d night on

Domenico (father) Cristina (daughter)

Fra i Sassi


triple room: 70€/night

Angela Bellomo

La Corte

AirBnB: rental apartments in Matera–Italy

@AirBnb Paris

David de Belleville

Each registered AirBnb user gets one single EUR20 discount for any booking (in or around Matera) above EUR100. The EUR100 limit is the total payable amount (rental fee+cleaning fee+AirBnb fee).

I have rented a nice room through Airbnb from Oct 29-Nov 3 (5 nights) that

can accomodate 4 ppl (2 single beds and 1 double sofa-bed). It costs 72EUR

per night, so 18EUR per night per person for 4 ppl or 24EUR/night/pers for 3.

Breakfast included.

Could you please add it to the available accommodation table so ppl can

contact me? Of course I’d prefer if roommates stayed for the whole 5 nights.


David de Belleville
Free shuttle transport from Ferrandina Train station to Matera with my car available Ida Leone See map

44 rooms of differents kinds.

Waiting for an answer

Gennaro Loperfido (recommended by)

Casa Per Ferie Sant’Anna

Sergio Fadini Angeli per Viaggiatori: platform providing travelers' advice

an update

hi everyone, this is just to let you know we have 7 responses so far from LOTErs stating a preference for accommodation, mostly concerning the offers above. We’ll be answering soon and match some of your requests with those from Matera. Remeber this form is open from now on until Lote, so go ahead and fill it in, thanks!

Updates on 1st batch allocated. what next?


Just to let you know key hardworking LOTErs like Auli, Dorotea, Rita Pacheco have been allocated the first spots we had been offered for free. You guys know who you are and should have received emails by now. @ritao are they all set and in touch with hosts by now? Looking forward for a second round where more participants can be accommodated!

Just now, @david_de_belleville generously offered to help negotiate a deal with AirBnb like we did back in Brussels!! How cool is that? David I’m answering here to keep a transparent commm. I think most people here would agree this would be super helpful. I took that offer back then and I’d take it now if it got cheaper than current offers we have - so less than 20 EUR (see above in the table). I’m browsing through the AirBnB website just now… what do others think? Should we dedicate our full efforts to finding hosts with free beds, or try out other opportunities as well? I’m for the second option, since it can take too much time to accommodate tens of participants for free (if we can do that!) and there’s only 8 weeks left. @ilariadauria?

Uau :slight_smile:

Awesome, this is really exciting!

If [david de belleville] manages to get the deal, we should coordinate: Rita and I know most of the b&bs in the Sassi, and we were ready to send a common email through our personal contacts and ask a convention for max 20€/night if people stay for 3 or more nights in a row. Here you can see Matera’s offers on the Airbnb website. Some of them overlap with the ones Rita and I are going to contact, so how should we do this?

AirBnb vs. B&B deals

I suggest I give AirBnB a call to see how they feel about the idea first.

There is no reason why having two ways of booking should be a problem as the AirBnB deal is transparent to the hosts. One could actually agree on a special offer with the B&B (thanks to Rita & Ilaria) and then make the booking through AirBnB and get an additional discount.

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Good hack :slight_smile:

Very clever one, [david de belleville]! You rock.

btw, is there an easy way to tag ppl in a message? thx :stuck_out_tongue:

Use [square brackets].

Admin here :slight_smile: In the text body of comments, posts etc. you can use the user name between [ square brackets ] to create a mention. It will create a link to the user profile, and the user will get an e-mail notification about it. Use the user name exactly as displayed in the title of the user profile, so in your case this should create the mention incl. e-mail: [david de belleville].

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thx Matthias :wink:

thx [matthias] :wink:

Thanks to you david de

Thanks to you [david de belleville] for the idea :slight_smile:

So if I get you right Rita and I can just go on and contact all the b&bs and then if something comes up with the Airbnb then they take care of it?

We got our brand new unmonastery emails today, so are gonna start contacting the b&bs starting from Monday!

Keep in touch!

AirBnB deal update

Hi all,

After a week of fruitful dialogue with Airbnb staff. We should get discount vouchers of EUR20 for bookings over EUR100. We are allowed to break down reservations into successive bookings for larger amounts (ie. if a house for 5 ppl costs EUR500 for a week, we can make 5 successive bookings -with the host’s consent-).

All details should be confirmed shortly. It is better to wait for the deal to be finalized before spreading the good news.

Warm regards,



You are a star!

David, this is so helpful! Just today i was in touch with a bunch of Edgeryders and we’d consider booking through AirBnb.

The way it worked last year in Bruxelles is that we were given a voucher code (“EDGERYDERS” or smth) so when you made the booking online you’d type in this code and in the invoice you would see the discount. Let uk know when it’s all set so we can spread the news and give instructions … :slight_smile:  veeery happy!

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Way to go

Fantastic news, David! Great work.

I hope I don’t sound overdemanding but… this business of breaking down a reservation into several seems to me like it would be cumbersome and it would risk puzzling hosts. Could it be simplified somehow? Example: give a 20% discount on the reservation for the amount exceeding €80. So, a €500 reservation would give rise to a discount of (500 - 80) * 20% = €84, and therefore cost 500 - 84 = €416. This would take from hosts the burden of cooperating with us to get through this. I am sure Airbnb, too, are concerned about this stuff being as transparent for their hosts as possible.

as you can imagine, I first tried to push for a 20% discount or incremental vouchers (EUR20 for EUR100+ bookings, EUR40 for EUR200+, etc) but it seems to be a complex technical matter for them. I still have hope I can get the incremental vouchers though. I’ll keep you updated, D

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AirBnb promo code

Hi all,

I finally received the promo code from AirBnb on Friday (and then was away for the weekend). Let me know if I should write it here, which seems like a pretty open place, or if it should be sent by email/newsletter.

I tested using the deal and it works… but it’s not very pratical for grouped bookings. Here are the details :

Each registerd AirBnb user gets one single EUR20 discount for any booking (in or around Matera) above EUR100. The EUR100 limit is the total payable amount (rental fee+cleaning fee+AirBnb fee).

Enjoy and don’t forget to say thank you to the Paris AirBnb team if you use the discount :wink:


Wow, [david de belleville], thanks! And thanks to the Paris AirBnB team, of course.

Thank you!

David, so grateful!

I’m not sure how we can manage this: if editing it directly on the info page (here) is to accessible to anyone not part of the ER and Airbnb community, do you think we should explicit that for those who want to use this system they have to send an email directly to me and/or Noemi? Would this work?

Thanks a ton, see you in Matera?


David and all,

Here’s what we can do: the timing is perfect, as I am about to send an internal communication to everyone who registered for Lote, asking if they are definitely coming (to give us a fair estimate of how many are we expecting in Matera) and reviewing all the information we have so far on :

Dates and Location


Travel guidance

Accommodation offers available: with respect to the BnB offer I can add the coupon code in the email or if you prefer to keep it even more private, I ca be their contact person who delivers the code. Can you send it to me at noemi at edgeryders dot eu with your preference [david de belleville]?



Room for 4 in the Sassi is full

Hi all,

A quick note to let you know the room for 4 listed in the table is now full. Best of luck to those still without a home & see you soon in Matera! Baci, David

Noted, [david de belleville], thanks. I edited the wiki. If you have further changes to make, the quickest way is for you to simply click on the “edit” button: updates in the comments risk not being seen. See you soon in Matera!